I’m going to an Internet Marketing seminar

I’m going to The UK Focus Internet Business Building Seminar in London on 17th-19th October.

Here’s a link http://www.focusmarketingseminars.com/ukevent/

I’ll be honest and say I’m going for two reasons – firstly it’ll be extremely good for networking and meeting new contacts and potential JV partners.

But secondly and most importantly, I’m meeting up with a couple of IM mates for a few beers in the bar.

I’m flying down from Yorkshire on Saturday morning and returning Sunday afternoon so it’s quite a way to go for one night but it’ll be worth it.

After driving up to the Scottish highlands the other week, which cost me around £140 (almost $300) in petrol I decided flying would be considerably cheaper and I got a flight for £150. Not quite cheaper but easier than a 4 hour drive.

If you’re going to be at the seminar feel free to tap me on the shoulder and say hello – It’s always nice to meet other marketers, and especially subscribers or readers.

Should be fun. And if any ‘top marketers’ get a bit worse for wear and end up running round the hotel bar in their boxer shorts with an ice cooler on their heads I’l llet you know. Even if it’s me.

Likewise If the whole thing is just a pitch-fest or is about getting people excited then spending £3,000 on their credit cards I’ll let you know about that too.

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2 responses to “I’m going to an Internet Marketing seminar

  1. Hey T 🙂

    Most of these events are pitch fests for one very simple reason: most of the presenters have to pay their own way and get nothing more for their input to the event than the chance to pitch their stuff to a captive audience.

    It’s no different to regular media, online or offline.

    The organiser/promoter (publisher) delivers an audience and keeps all the money, apart from a couple of superstar “names” used to pull a crowd, who get a cut.

    But for the rest it’s like writing for trade or industry magazines: it’s publicity and a chance to strut your stuff and pitch your products. Hence the hard sells.

    It’s the same online.

    (Been around this game for 35 years now and it never changes, apart from the vehicle.)


  2. Tony Shepherd

    You’re right about a lot of these events John but not all.

    I think I know which way this one will swing but I’m not making any judgements until I’ve been down.

    Thanks for posting mate


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