Internet Marketing is not for me – they work too hard!

I’m writing this blog post from my hotel room at the UK Focus Marketing seminar in London. Heathrow actually.

I set off from home on a cold dark Yorkshire morning at about 6am and by 9.30am I was sitting in the hotel reading the Financial Times, four hours too early to check in.

Luckily I spotted one of my IM buddies staggering across the hotel suffering from a hangover from the night before so we went to have breakfast and he gave me the low down on what had happened since the seminar started on Friday.

After that we went into the seminar room itself – filled with about 100 people (I’m guessing) to watch the speakers.

Now I’m going to give you more info next week about the speakers – I’m not making any judgements because I’m going for for a Chinese meal tonight with some friends from the biz, and I’ll get to know more about what’s going on then.

I will tell you though, that I’ve seen mentoring products on offer ranging from $4,000 right up to $30,000 today, although the latter was discounted down to $4k for seminar attendees.

The best deals though, are the ones that are struck through an informal chat over a coffee or lunch – and in the bar tonight I think there’ll be some major JV’s arranged. The question is will anyone remember the details in the morning 🙂 ?

More soon


PS Don’t forget about the new launch we have for you – Monday 20th October  – 5pm UK time, 12noon EST.

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5 responses to “Internet Marketing is not for me – they work too hard!

  1. hey tony,

    i have to tell ya it was awesome having the chance to meet you this weekend in london at the seminar and im really excited to hear about your new site coming out

    im sure there will be many times ahead when we meet up at diffrent seminars – so keep me posted if you hear of any & i’ll do the same,

    keep being cool


  2. Tony Shepherd

    Likewise Alex -and thanks for posting.

    and I owe you a pint 🙂


  3. Pearson Brown

    I like the material you produce BUT

    You could have “worked” a bit harder and found a name for your course which wasn’t so similar to the Kickstart brand that Martin Avis has built up over several years.

    You have posted to Martin’s forum so you can hardly claim ignorance of his use of Kickstart. Nor that he produces Internet Marketing coaching material.


  4. Tony Shepherd

    Hi Pearson

    You’re absolutely right, we should have realised.

    It wasn’t until the weekend just gone that a couple of marketers pointed this out to me when I was telling them about the launch.

    Before that we had gone through so many names, so many times that when I hit on KickStart it felt right and I didn’t see the wood for the trees – name overload.

    As soon as the guys I was chatting to pointed out the similarity I emailed Martin with both an explanation and an apology. At this point we’d invested too much time and money to change though.

    We don’t need to jump on anyone’s coat-tails to make a success of this business as I’m sure you realise but I’m posting this reply on my blog (rather than just deleting your comment as perhaps some marketers might) because you’re right, and if I could have changed the name in time I would have done so.

    Martin being the complete nice guy and utter professional he is has been extremely supportive and very understanding about the whole thing. We’ve worked together in the past and I’m sure he realises that we’d never in a million years try to gain any leverage at his expense, and i do feel bad about it.

    We all make mistakes! I’m holding my hand up to this one.

  5. Pearson Brown

    Good reply.

    I respect the work you two do, and have bought some of it, so I’m totally sure that your product will be worthy of the name ‘Kickstart’.


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