New Support Desk

Well the time has arrived when we’re getting a shedload of emails every day.

It’s got to the point that we need to streamline things a little so we’ve set up a new ticket based helpdesk.

This doesn’t mean we’re going to be impossible to contact or we’re outsourcing our support emails to some call centre in another country, although that may happen one day.

At present we’re still answering all support tickets personally but the support ticket format means we’ll be able to answer absolutely everyone who needs us, and will still be accessible to all of you.

You can check out the support desk by clicking on the support link on this blog.

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3 responses to “New Support Desk

  1. SELL OUT!

    I’m only teasing 🙂

    Congratulations on the helpdesk and I hope it helps. Like you, I also enjoy customer emails, but it’s such a pain when emails go missing.

    Our helpdesk really did help in that respect, plus people are so use to using helpdesks these days so there’s not much resistance.


    Lee McIntyre

  2. Tony Shepherd

    How VERY dare you!!! 🙂

    Had to be done mate.

    I hope – I think – we’ve done it for the right reasons. We were also losing emails, and the support desk is a way of making sure everyone who contacts us gets a reply.

    It’s still manned by us personally so the effect it’s the same. I don’t like the way some marketers use them as a barrier between their subscribers and themselves, and trying your helpdesk system helped too by showing it doesn’t have to be an ‘distant’ experience.

    So ta for that!


  3. Paula Brett

    Hi Tony, I hope you are well

    I have to agree – I’m sure I don’t get anywhere near as many emails as you do, but setting up a helpdesk for myself was such a relief.

    I had so many folders in my inboxes with several different email addresses -saved emails here, there and everywhere – it’s now so much easier to channel everything through the helpdesk and know where everything is, what’s been answered, what’s in progress, etc.

    It’s also so much easier to keep records of email conversations and to be able to refer back to things you might have said previously.

    I have to agree with you, though, I also enjoy answering my own emails – I just have to learn to be disciplined about when I spend time answering them.

    Take care


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