The question that reduces some people to tears….

Most people have an idea of what they want – from their life, their business or their relationships.

Some don’t and these poor guys drift helplessly from one crisis to another, but most people, when you ask….

….‘what do you want from your online business?’

Know the answer.

However there’s another question I like to ask, that has reduced people to actual tears of realisation and clarity

and the question is…

‘If you carry on as you are today, will you achieve it?

Amazingly most people know the answer to this question too.

And more often than not the answer is ‘NO’

I’m guilty of this myself – right now I’m doing something that is unlikely to bring me any money in – posting to my blog.

OK I’m mentioning The KickStart Course at the end of it and posting is part of attracting people to the blog and there are links to products here etc etc

BUT posting to a blog isn’t actually something that’s directly linked to me watching my bank balance increase.

Building a new site selling resell rights or starting a mentoring program WOULD bring me direct results. Which is why I continually work on creating products.

But what about you?

What did you do THIS WEEK that will result in you making money?

A couple of blog posts?

Write and submit some articles?

Read that ebook about the a new system you bought a few weeks ago?

These are all important but they’re also quite easy things to do and even easier to convince yourself that you’ve been working hard.

The HARDER things to do though – the more FRIGHTENING things – are often the ones that bring much better results in terms of money.

Going out and contacting JV or adswap partners and then promoting each other’s products.

Creating a product – recording the interview or writing the ebook

Writing and submitting that Warrior Special Offer and putting your product out there on ‘the shelf’ for people to buy, review and possibly criticise.

I have a list of things in my diary to do today.

Guess which ones are crossed out?

The blog post (you’re reading it)

The forum posts (all these bring traffic and are worth doing but they’re also fun)

and buying a new laptop (GREAT fun but involved SPENDING money not earning it!)

and guess which of the things in my ‘to do’ list I haven’t yet finished?

Contacting a fellow marketer about an audio interview, working on a new site and starting a new product are all ‘in the pipeline’.

Not as much fun.

But the latter ones are the tasks that will generate the money – actually offering a product for sale or actually building a website to sell it from.

So look at what you’re doing and if you’re fannying about doing things that look and feel like work, STOP and go through your Paypal or Clickbank account.

Find out exactly which things brought in most of your money last year or last month or ever, depending on what stage you’re at.

It might have been promoting other people’s products or creating and selling an ebook for example.

If it was go back and do the same thing again.

Concentrate on what brought the dosh in.

and do it some more.

It’s worth it.

PS If you absolutely can’t be bothered with any of that because it’s depressing, or you never make any money, everything you do turns to sh*t or just plain old doesn’t work then here’s an easy way out for you, for just $27 a month.

Hang on – hear me out before you sneer cynically 🙂

Many people fail because they look to their PAST to create their future.
Every plan they have is tainted by past failures.

Listen – those failures have GONE – it’s a new day now so look to the future to create your dreams.

Scary right?

Well we reckon we can help.

We’re so sure of The KickStart Course that we will give your MONEY back if within 60 days you don’t feel it’s changed the way you think about your online business and has the potential to change your life.

Subscribe to and you can THROW AWAY your past online failures – I’m not kidding – you don’t need to bring any baggage with you – you can just start afresh and we’ll teach you, step by step how to build a solid internet business.

Places are selling fast – this is no sales ploy – so if you want a fresh start online, and feel like dumping all that past frustration, information overload and well, internet marketing BAGGAGE just jump on board the KickStart Course and hold on tight.

See you there.

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