Bet you’re jealous of my internet marketing fun filled lifestyle!

I have a jetset internet marketing guru type lifestyle

Which is why I’m sitting here wearing a pregnancy band.

I’m not kidding.

I have this black elasticated band about 10” wide round my middle.

My wife wore it to keep her belly warm when she was expecting our son
and so it didn’t pop our from under her t shirt at embarassing times.

The belly not the son.

And I’ve got it on because crammed into the back of it is a heat pad that
is just about soothing my knackered back.

I bent over to pick up (of all things) a LEAF that had blown in through
the dining room door and my back went out completely.

The thing is tomorrow morning we’re having some railway sleepers
delivered so said wife can make another raised vegetable plot
and guess who’s supposed to carry the 8 foot solid oak things around the garden?

I might as well just book my hospital bed now.

But as an experienced marketer I plan to outsource the task

It’ll cost me a few pints but I reckon I can grab one of my mates
to help out.

The reason for thos post?

If you want a glamorous internet marketing jetset type lifestyle like mine
keep an eye on your inbox

I’ve got something coming – a freebie – that might do the trick….

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