“Pulling Back The Curtain On A Six Figure Income”

This free report – which was very enlightening to write – is available via a link at the bottom of  this post.

 You’ll have to opt in to read it, but that’s only because we’re working on the lists at the moment. Too many duplicate emails going out so we’re pulling a few together. You won’t get bugged with loads of emails. No more than usual anyway 🙂

It actually came out of one of the lessons we were writing for The KickStart Course

No, the thing that pretty much blew my mind was how simple the whole business of earning serious money online is – honestly if you want to end up open mouthed and staring at a pdf on your PC then download and read this free report.

It shows how the actual systems we use are pretty simple and straightforward, and that the only thing missing – the magic ingredient – is getting up off your ass and doing it.

Grab a copy – Pulling Back The Curtain…

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14 responses to ““Pulling Back The Curtain On A Six Figure Income”

  1. Hi Tony and Sara,

    Just to say thank you for a great read! It is really hard to get started, and family and friends are not generally supportive and I do feel quite alone at times. Often I feel overwhelmed with so information and I read as many e-mails as possible for fear of missing something. I know that I lose focus. I have only managed to put up a couple of basic sites so far and I have much to learn.

    You always provide good content and value, and I always study your e-mails.

    Just wanted to say thank you and that I appreciate you both.

    Kind regards


  2. jim

    Could you make it any more difficult to get the product? A link in an email that links to twitter, which has a link that links to this blog, which has a link that FINALLY takes us to the offer, only to have to opt-in AND confirm before receiving the product.

    I think you need to add a few more steps in the chain. Not quite enough “jumping through hoops” to be exposed to your upsell offer via your “free” offer.

  3. Hi Tony and Sara

    Thanks for the free report and sharing your knowledge. I always wondered where I was going wrong previously and recently I slacked off a bit, so your free report has definitely helped clear my brain, and really got me to get off my backside and work more on my biz tonight.

    Oh and thanks for producing the KickStart Course – it really is the best step-by-step, no nonsense, great value course out there in helping newbies start and build an Online Business.

    Thanks again for your help

  4. Hello Sara & Tony,

    Thanks for the freebie. I haven’t read it yet, but if it is up to your usual standard, I know that it will be very useful indeed.

    I have been gradually working through the Kickstart and it has proven to be extremely useful and educative. As a mother of seven and no support for my online venture, time on the computer is one of the biggest problems I have, but your step by step advice saves me a lot of time wandering about in the dark.

    Thank you and angel cuddles,

    Sarah Pritchard

  5. edward terry

    Hi tony

    I just want to put in a quick thank you for the report. I read it this morning and liked it a lot I think it’s something a lot of smaller marketers who have been around for a time but maybe not making the money they need too should read. Not over the top with the tech (you can get that anywhere) but heavy on home truths..Many thanks

    Ed Terry

  6. Tony Shepherd

    Thanks Jonathan – you’ve actually hit on something there because I get on lots of mailing lists just to read emails – you really get to grips with how other marketers work that way.


  7. Tony Shepherd

    Hi Jim

    Fair comment. You did have to jump through some hoops I agree.

    But see it from a marketers point of view for a sec. I pointed people toward my Twitter account becaue I knew I’d get more followers (it’s a new account) and then to the blog for traffic, and THEN (you must have been tired at this point) the opt in because we’re re-jigging some lists.

    Bit of a test that’s all.

    But your comments are always appreciated!

  8. Tony Shepherd

    Hi Nigel,

    Always good to hear fron you and thanks for your kind words about The KickStart Course. And it’s easy to slack off from time to time – the secret is to enjoy it when you’re doing it 🙂

    Thanks for posting


  9. Tony Shepherd

    Hi Sarah,

    Thanks for posting – with 7 children and the KS course to go at, time must be a very valuable commodity for you, so I’m glad you took the time to comment!

    Best wishes


  10. Tony Shepherd

    Hi Ed

    ‘Heavy on the home truths’

    I like that – thanks for commenting. You’d be surprised how many people get offended by ‘home truths’ though mate!

    Your views are always very welcome



  11. Hi Tony

    Some great information in there, and I think you’re right – it IS the magic ingredient. For too long now I’ve thought about things to the point where I’ve talked myself out of doing it. Now I am concentrating on the action, things are certainly looking up.

    Cheers for the great advice – as per usual.


  12. Hi Tony

    Love the way you present the facts.

    I’m 12 months into this IM biz and have learned enough to know that you are telling it like it is.

    Thanks for the insight into your own business model.

    Kind regards


    Follow my internet marketing adventure

  13. Hi Tony,

    I really enjoyed your report – it was refreshing and summed everything up nicely

    speak soon

  14. Tony Shepherd

    Thanks for posting!

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