Rule breaking.

If you’ve never spread a coat or blanket out on the grass, on a village green or in a park,  and sat down next to a ‘keep off the grass’ sign, then you’re really missing something. It’s better if you’re older than 30 because it disturbs people even more.

Try it – then look directly at the people who follow the rules and keep off the grass. Watch their faces as they stare at you. You’ll see emotions ranging from open hostility right through to (and these are the best ones) those people who almost look to be in physical pain because they’re THAT uncomfortable with you breaking the rules.

Sometimes people will even speak to you – usually from a distance because they won’t step on the grass – and say (especially if you’re in England) ‘err excuse me – and gesture towards the sign’

The more you smile the more they get frustrated.

‘I want to sit on the grass’

‘But you’re not allowed to’

‘Is it YOUR grass?’

‘Well no but the sign says you should keep off’

‘I decided to ignore the sign – it’s just a sign and I’m not hurting the grass’

‘But what if EVERYONE walked on it?’

‘They won’t’

….and on and on.

I don’t walk on grass I shouldn’t very often but that’s not the point. There are far too many nasty little rules in force that are pointless, and unless you give yourself a slap very often you find yourself blindly following them without thinking.

I hate people who park in disabled parking spaces at the supermarket, but when I got shouted at by some t*t at 5.30am one morning for parking in one for 3 minutes while I went to the cashpoint, and there’s wasn’t another car on the whole car park, I think he deserved the bollocking I gave him back. Common sense.

Petty beurocrats are everywhere these days, enforcing rules that just plain old BUG normal people.

Enough of that though….

I think rules are there to be tested – to be bent, flexed, stressed and sat down and thoroughly bounced on.

In all areas of life too, but since this is an IM blog I want to relate that to IM.

There are people who get downright angry when other people break rules. I think it’s because they perceive it as cheating in some form – giving themselves an unfair advantage.

And in IM that’s exactly what I want – an unfair advantage that helps me to make money where others might not be able to. If that involves breaking the rules then that’s cool.

The last couple of videos I put on my blog are horrible shaky efforts. The wind is blowing so hard onto the mic in one of them that you can’t hear a word I’m saying and on the other there’s just ….me…..looking distinctly scruffy and un-professional.

But I thought I’d break some rules and post these unprofessional vids anyway.

And to the bloke who emailed me to say they were shaky and unwatchable, I sort of agree.

But to the rest of you who emailed  – next time please comment on the blog 🙂 to say they found them interesting to get an insight into me, how I do things and what I get up to, thank you – because it’s you lot who keep me going and encourage me to try things that perhaps I shouldn’t!

Which brings be finally to the REAL point of the blog.

In a few days I’ll be bringing you the first one my ‘late night marketer sessions’ and revealing (and I really CAN use that word for this info) some of the things that came out over a few beers with other marketers.

I was writing some up tonight and quite honestly there’s some stuff that I’m not sure I should include – it’s going to shock a few people and upset a few more – and that’s no exaggeration.

But it’s also going to give your business a big kick in the ass if you take this info on board.

It’s only going to subscribers too………

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3 responses to “Rule breaking.

  1. Bring it on Tony!

    –from another rule breaker 😉

  2. Hey Tony, What rules?

    There is no IM governing body…Someone said most people stop thinking for themselves the moment they’re born. I think the same is true of people the moment they enter Internet Marketing – T. Shepherd

    I quoted this on my blog.

  3. Your ‘grass’ comment remind me of crossing a street in Germany. No traffic at all. But because the ‘little man’ wasn’t green I was shouted at when I crossed. Sadly, I speak absolutely no German whatsoever!

    And that’s sort of the point – do whatever you feel is right. Not what someone else tells you is right. After all, you know what happens when “I was only following orders”. 🙂

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