A writing hidey hole – another vid!

Still playing with my Flip vidcam – in the middle of nowhere this time!

This is where I’m working on the ‘Late night marketer files’ I mentioned in my last post. Apologies for the wild wind noises and even worse, the tinkling ‘fade out’ music at the end of the vid, which actually comes from my netbook screensaver that you can see on the window sill at the end of the vid.

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One response to “A writing hidey hole – another vid!

  1. Toni Lamb

    Well I’ll trade you sceneries for my closed in house with very little light exposure, an uncomfortable couch, and a tv tray I use for a desk to put my laptop on…lol:) I would definately have more motivation if I had a scenery like that. Have a good rest of the day and enjoy your beautiful window view. Toni

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