Finally…something that WORKS for me in SEO!

First of all – the late night marketing info Ive been promising you IS on the way – it’s just taken me a while to put it together even though it’s just a short report.

Secondly – I’ve finally worked out how to grab top rankings for my niche sites!

Below is a copy of an email I sent to my subscribers about how I did it, and below THAT is the proof – I show you exactly which site I’m talking about!

Are you like me?

I usually stop reading when anyone emails me about ‘top
ranking’ or ‘long term keyphrase’ because I find it PAINFULLY
boring and I’d rather be doing something else!

But you **MUST** read below to find out what I’ve just done!

I’ve put up a new review site – cost me $9 for the template –
and two weeks later….


I did this without using a list, afflilates or ANYTHING,
as though I was a total newbie.

By using the most effective yet SIMPLE and user-friendly SEO
software I’ve personally ever seen in IM.

What exactly did I do?

I TOTALLY dominated a keyphrase (I have TOP GOOGLE PAGE RANK)
in one of the most competitive niche markets online (Forex
Trading) with a VERY simple review site.

I did it in TWO WEEKS – Just by using Martin Avis’s non-techy,
10 seconds to install, MASSIVELY user-friendly software –

What this pretty remarkable software does is to ‘spy’ on the
top-ranking sites in any niche and tell you EXACTLY which
keywords they use the most, and which ones to put into your
own sites to effectively ‘steal’ their ranking from under
their noses!

And I’ve tried it and it WORKS – end of story.

I spent days getting my site ranked before I used Keyword LSI
and my site fell in the rankings within a day or so.

But after I used Keyword LSI I got top ranking and I’m still
top at time of writing. Solid as a rock!

But it gets BETTER….

You can use KeywordLSI when writing articles.

The software will automatically generate a list of keywords to
use for whatever niche or IM subject you’re writing about…

And simply by including them in your articles you can literally steal high
rankings from under the noses of the tops sites.

TOP SECRET TACTIC #2 – Pay $8 to a writer for an article and
give them the keyword list to include, generated by Keyword
LSI to make your article marketing DEADLY effective.

And **EVEN BETTER – Martin’s been an online friend of mine
for a couple of years but I met him in person only recently.
And I’m glad I did – you will be too!

I asked for a trial copy of Keyword LSI so I could review it
and put it to a SERIOUS test for you.

Well it’s passed with flying colours so I contacted Martin and
got the BEST deal I could for you.

I managed to get you a FREE TRIAL so you can check it out
before you buy it – and you WILL once you see what this little
gem can do!

And most importantly – I persuaded Martin to HOLD the price.

It’s due to rise to $97 with almost immediate effect so grab
it at this subscriber-only price NOW.

That’s it – I’ll be using Keyword LSI for ALL my articles and
SEO from now on.

Don’t miss out on this….



And if you Google the keyphrase  ‘forex online income’ you’ll see my review site at the top of page one! (Each piece of software links back to a clickbank affiliate link – that’s how it’s monetized)

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  1. Scott

    Hi Tony,

    Are you able to share the site name, I had a look on google but maybe could not see for the trees!!


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