FREE – get your blog indexed in days or even hours?

If you’re a subscriber you’ve probably had an email about this.

If not – you’re lucky – because you can grab yourself a copy of the newly updated – just days ago – free report,

It’s stuffed with info about pinging, SEO, superfast index techniques and it doesn’t matter a jot if you haven’t a clue what I’m talking about, because it’s all explained.

Yours for free, faithful blog reader……

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3 responses to “FREE – get your blog indexed in days or even hours?

  1. Ian Paterson

    Hi Tony
    This is an absolutely fantastic report- I can’t believe you are giving it away. There’s some amazing stuff in there that I have not seen anywhere else. Congratulations Tony.
    Unfortunately I am not in a position to be able to host my own blogs at the moment, so I am trying your ideas out on WordPress hosted blogs, not all of them work but most of them do. I’m hoping that it’ll make a huge difference to my non-existent traffic.
    Cheers Ian

  2. Hi tony its toni…lol!!
    I also just read your 24 hour wordpress guru report and let me just say it’s awesome, seriously! I only say things when I really mean it and I definately mean it. I read it from start to finish which is hard for me to do unless something really catches my attention. Again I look for quality and value and 24 hour guru report passes with flying colors. It’s basic and to the point, has very valuable resources, is exactly what I need to get my blog going, is something alot of new entrepreneurs are looking for right now. Again this is value and quality!!!

  3. Tony Shepherd

    Ian, Toni

    Thanks for your comments – HIGHLY appreciated.

    Hopefully it’s the sort of thing that can be used in a practical sense – it’s certainly the sort of info that I would have needed so that’s always a good place to start.



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