My Multi Profit Websites Bonus …and a slapped arse face

Well we’re (me and family) at the cottage – about 4 miles north of Whitby on the North East coast of

Walked five miles along a windswept beach yesterday and woke up this morning with a face like a slapped arse.

…that means red and sore if you’re non-Yorkshire 🙂

But I might have something that’ll cheer you up.

It involves investing (ie spending) money in your business but some products are worth it and some are REALLY worth it!

This is the latter.

John Thornhill and Dave Nicholson spent $100,000 developing Multi Profit Websites, and it shows.

It allows anyone – any experience level – any technical ability – to produce websites that look as professional as the big boys produce.They can be built in minutes too!

Best of all you monetize them in just a few clicks.

I’m going to be using MPW myself. It really is that good.

Which is why I put together a VERY special bonus for anyone who buys Multi Profit Websites through my affiliate link.

But there are only 50 bonus places available and they’ve already started selling…

I’ve never offered anything like this before – it’s pretty special – so check it out if you were going to grab MPW.

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2 responses to “My Multi Profit Websites Bonus …and a slapped arse face

  1. I’ve heard some fantastic things about MPW, although I haven’t tried it myself yet. I’ll probably be purchasing very soon to see what all the fuss is about so I’ll use your affiliate link.

    John Burton

  2. Hi Tony bought this product last night through your link, have watched the videos showing the set up awesome stuff. Enjoy your break.


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