My Mobile Internet Marketing Business…

So – this is what I do best – wander off somewhere to chill out with my family for a few days or weeks…

I’m currently running my business from an old cottage that overlooks the bay. It’s a cracking view – very peaceful and the sort of place that slows your heart rate the moment you uncork a bottle of red and walk into the small courtyard.

In fact I’m typing this from the cottage kitchen – all wooden beams and the sound of the waves crashing on the shore through the open window.

My internet connection, which runs through my iphone is INCREDIBLY slow, but who cares?

In August we were in Scotland, then back home for a short while. Next I went to a marketing seminar in Manchester, then the day after we set off for the cottage up here.

We’ll be at home for Christmas then we’re off to France in the New Year for a while.

And all the time I’ll be keeping an eye on the business just using my laptop and mobile internet connection.

The stuff dreams are made of eh?

Yes – But this is the important part….

It’s entirely – ONE HUNDRED PERCENT POSSIBLE for every single person reading this to live the same way as I do……

…..Or have Ferraris and to travel and stay in the best hotels in the world if that’s what you want.

You just need two things:

1. Good wesbites that you can build FAST and that look good,
2. The ability to drive traffic to them pretty much at will.

Hold that thought for a sec…

Here’s a picture of my daughter at 7.15am this morning spotting rabbits in the field opposite


And here’s a picture of me checking my emails on a deserted beach (and getting told off by my wife for doing it) using my iphone 🙂


This is PRECISELY WHY I’ve sent you a couple of emails about John Thornhill and Dave Nicholson’s ‘Multi Profit Websites’ and I’ve been raving about the UNIQUE bonus I’m offering if you buy through my link – My 8 Week Traffic Generation Course…

It’s because the above package – MPW and my bonus – in my opinion brings together these two KEY things that are basically the bedrock of a successful IM business.

So here’s the lowdown.

If you buy Multi Profit Websites through my link I WILL make a commission.

But in return I’m offering you a place on my Traffic Generation Masterclass where I’ll show you EXACTLY how I drive traffic to my websites, and keep up with the big boys in the game, despite only working a couple of days a week…sometimes from a beach 🙂

I guarantee you won’t have come across some of these methods before.

In short – I’m telling you about this because I think it could have a MEGA impact on your business.

The only downside is timing – because as I write 31 out of the 50 places on my MasterClass have sold out.

Check it out here

and give it some serious thought,  it won’t be available for much longer.

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13 responses to “My Mobile Internet Marketing Business…

  1. That is really cool Tony! I know about the mobile connections. Very often I use my AT&T blackjack attached my laptop for work.

    Stay on the road a lot taking care of aging parents and do not know what I would do without cellular/wireless internet access.

    Good day to you and yours!


  2. Hi Tony,
    Great post and it is nice to see other families in mobile mode, we live on 2 tiny yachts and I do not yet have internet aboard…but that’s coming next month and I see you like yachting too!
    My travel website is under construction…very excited about it!
    Great weekend to you!

  3. Mark Terrell

    Hi Tony,

    Nice to of met you at Lee McIntyres event in Manchester, even though it was at 12.30pm Thusday night in the palace hotel as you were leaving.

    I hopped to have a longer chat but you had gone on the friday…. Until next time my friend.

    The above offer is fantastic Johns website builder and your traffic techniques to send traffic to the sites is a winning combination.

    Love your lifestyle..

    Mark Terrell

  4. Sounds like the life, Tony. My wife and I just got back from 7 months traveling around America in our RV, all the while making a little steady money from the net. It’s the only way to go, just wish I had known how to do this some years ago. Have Fun!

  5. What a cool Website…Thanks for sharing how to stay in touch even when your away from home.

  6. Hey Tony,

    Thanks for the post…

    I can’t even put my finger on it (which makes it difficult to emulate) but I’m “moved” by your endorsement of IM products, when I’ve ignored the rest of the MPW promos.

    Spent $500 on Alex Jeffreys’ coaching course at your recommendation (money WELL spent) and now I’m off to look at MPW.

    [Now, if I can just figure out what I like about you… and start doing it 🙂 ]

  7. Great stuff man. It’s not too cold in Scotland?


  8. Mobile internet connections are a real boon especially for us IM guys (and gals). All you need is a small notebook computer and a wireless modem and you’re good to go. IM is truly a portable (and highly profitable) occupation!

  9. Kevin Wilkinson

    Hi Tony
    Just thought I would stop by and say hi from Bellingham Washington. I know what you’re saying about the view of the ocean. My family is from Scarborough, Yorkshire. I love when I get time to spend there. I wanted to say thanks for all the great info you’re providing. It has helped me conciderably. I picked up on the MPW package and signed up for your course so i am ready. lookin forward to to house overlooking the ocean. Take care and thanks again!

  10. Beautiful scenery! And your little girl is a doll. I too love sailing (ocean) and do it as often as I can when not in New York. Lake sailing just isn’t the same. Nice but not the same. It holds me over until I’m back out at sea.

  11. Hi Tony

    Great life style!

    I must be one of the lucky 32 then! I must admit I didn’t even read the sales page much. I only bought MPW for your bonus.

    I think I may now go back and have a better look at what I actually paid for.


  12. Tony Shepherd

    Hi Guys,

    As you know I like to try to reply to each post individually but I just don’t have a fast enough connection at the moment – would take me a month!

    But I do need to say:

    1. A BIG thanks to those who bought MPW – I’m looking forward to working with you in my Masterclass – looks like it’ll be around 6th November start. I’m looking forward to giving you an unfair advantage! I’ll be in touch!

    2. To everyone else who took the time to post. THANK YOU. It’s good to know that some of us are more ‘lifestyle’ than cash grabbing 🙂 and your posts are always read, and always welcome!

    3. Lastly – Thanks to the sailors who’ve taken the time to post – always got a soft spot for yachties 🙂



  13. Tony,
    you mentioned that the connection via the iPhone is not so fast. Can you give some details like kB/sec?
    Also there is always the possibility to get a connection in a hotel or restaurant (where i live, all McDonalds have a WiFi hotspot (ok, I don’t see them as a restaurant, but the WiFi is OK)).

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