Internet Marketers Are Magpies…..

Internet Marketers are Magpies – we beg borrow and steal!
Thanks to Ian for giving me the idea for this post.

If you haven’t yet checked out my Perpetual Motion Marketing System you can do so here.silverbox-small – it’s free.

These simple ‘tweaks’ to my sales funnel brought me over $20,000 while I was just testing it out!

Actually the figure was more like $27,000 but like a prat I didn’t screenshot the figures at the time so could only give proof of around $20k.

Not complaining though 🙂

So – why the reference to Magpies?

Well the idea for Perpetual Motion Marketing System came from a few different sources and I want to show you why you should never stop learning, why in my opinion, the most profitable thing you can ever do online is develop the skill to extract the golden nuggets from any information you come across.

The main ‘nudge’ I had for this system was from Lee Mcintyre.

He allowed me behind the scenes of his setup quite a while ago follwing an interview I did with him.

I laughed during the interview and told him I was ‘taking notes’ of the info he was giving out.

I wasn’t joking! Lee is a very clever, very generous marketer and he’s been kind enough in the past to mention my name as someone whol helped him to get started.

Well now I’m equally happy to say a big thanks to Lee for showing me how his ‘engine’ worked.

So Lee’s system was a big influence in me testing this system and incorporating it into my own funnel.

 There’s a fair bit of my own experience and ideas in there too, such as the automatic recruitment of affiliates (the main aspect for automating the traffic process) and found that sending new subscribers to an OTO BEFORE they confirm their email address results in a slightly lower opt-in rate but a significantly higher conversion rate for the OTO.

Russell Brunson was also an influence on where to use short and clever’pre-sells’ in the process (you’ll see this in the Perpetual Motion funnel rather than the 90 days one) and this made an impact on conversion rates too.

There are also influences from Mike Filsaime, Paul Myers, Frank Kern, a ‘gem’ from Tahir Shah after a skype chat, and a verbal kick in the ass from Soren Jordenson who told me how I was leaving a ‘pile of money’ on the table by not doing one particular thing.

Oh….. and a SHEDLOAD from the feedback I got from KickStart Course members.

And a dash of ‘influence’ from a nice case of Red my wife’s uncle brought us back from France.

So thanks guys.

Extremely apprecaited, I hope this gives an insight into why being a bit of a beachcomber when it comes to finding and using the ‘gold’ in other people’s methods is possibly the most important skill you can develop online.

Except for …. putting your own stamp on everything you do.

There’s more to come on this next year………………

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11 responses to “Internet Marketers Are Magpies…..

  1. Thaks Tony

    Good to know some of the sources for your inspiration in putting the PMMS together. I’m a recent “graduate” of the Kick Start Course and my website is a direct result of that. So, looking for a few more gems from the PMMS. Cheers!


  2. Thanks Tony,
    You have been more than generous sharing this information. I recommend the Perpetual Motion Marketing System to anyone who wasn’t part of burning your server.

    It is amazing the wealth of information we can find when we keep our heads up. But…I quickly add….SO WHAT!

    If we don’t put it into action, fail forward, tweek it for our personalities…well we will be perpetual consumers hoping for the day…

    Thanks again Tony for a workable system and acknowledging those who have had an influence.


  3. Tony,
    I am going to use you to help John out…John your link is wrong, check out the spelling…

    Hint I use…actually go to the page you are referencing then highlight and copy the URL, we know it worked to get us there and will be correct for others.


  4. Tony Shepherd

    Nicely said Scott thanks.

    ..and John – congratulations on taking action and thanks for posting!


  5. Thanks Scott

    Your a star!

    My link should be


    Best Regards


  6. Thanks Tony – couldn’t resist dropping you that mail!

    I was blown away by Lee’s recent automation video that was part of his launch for his latest product – I learnt loads from that let alone the course.

    Your take on it is essential reading too.

    I said the same to Lee – we are now remapping all of our future prodcuts and systems to take this advice on board and I can see that it’s going to have a massive effect.


  7. Tony Shepherd

    Totally agree Ian- and thanks for the email 🙂

    It’s hugely important to put your OWN stamp on any system, and to adapt it and tweak it for your own subscribers, sales pages, products, funnel etc

    But it’s a Hell of a base to start from I agree.

    Thanks for posting


  8. Hey Tony,

    Yeah when I watch your Perpetual Motion Marketing System, I knew it was somehow similar to Lee. Now I was right that you mention it.

    Going to implement it in my business too!


  9. Lawra

    Hi Tony,

    Thanks for sharing this marketing method, its quite informative and easy enough to get my non-tech head around the strategy. I must try this out and take my business to the next level!

    Thanks for posting.


  10. Tony,
    thanks for the blueprint – very interesting rread about continuity programs. Have to figure out how to include this in my sites.

    One question I have: how long (in your experience) do people stay in the program? I heard somewhere that the average subscription time is between 3 and 4 month. Also I calculated taking your initial numbers, that with a 50 % drop-out rate you are down to 1 subscriber from your first promo in month 9 and therefore the growth is stalling.
    By lowering the drop-out rate (keeping the subscribers for longer) you not only get more subscribers, but also make more money and are secured against sudden mass-cancellations.
    drop-out rate = 50% results in 232 subscribers in month 12
    drop-out rate = 40% results in 335 subscribers in month 12
    drop-out rate = 30% results in 519 subscribers in month 12

    Anyway, thanks for the nice report and have a good weekend.

  11. Tony Shepherd

    Absolutely – and this is why testing and tweaking the figures can have such a big effect on the figures.

    Retention depends on the product of course but you don’t just start a continuity program then think your work is over. You need to keep bringing people into that and at the same time improving your retention rate.

    Recruiting affiliates via your funnel makes this easier because they do a lot of the work for you.

    Thanks for posting.

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