Excuse my language….

For the first time on my blog I’m not referring to my own foul mouthed outbursts…

I still remember as a child my gran used to threaten to ‘wash out my mouth with soap and water’ if ever I said something a little ‘choice’ in her presence.

Of course now she’d be locked up by Social Services, but it did make me aware of the power of an anglo-saxon vocabulary ( I’m told that the swear words we enjoy today are all mostly old English).

It reminds me of the time that my mum – aged 73 – laughingly called my sister an affectionate name when she did something silly at the dinner table..

Except mother got the words ‘twit’ and ‘prat’ mixed up and a dozen or so guests listened to her lovingly call my sister a ‘tw*t’ as she ate her meal. Longest silence I’ve heard in years.

But I now have some very welcome explicit language for you.



Colin Bennett was one of the marketers who grabbed our 121 Mentoring offer

And he’s absolutely delighted with the outcome as you can read in his testimonial>>

It’s not fair to Colin to tell you about his business but enough to say that the progress we’ve made together in the last few days has been quicker, more efficient and he tells us he’s seen more results than with any other support he’s received.

We still have a couple of places left, but they’re steadily being snapped up and I can’t see any being left for much longer. It IS an investment  but if you’re serious about moving your online business forward , and QUICKLY, then check out the website at http://www.121mentoring.com and start working with us today, on YOUR business.

It’s like having your own techy team working for you, and with people you can trust…If you’ve ever tried outsourcing tasks in the past, you’ll know what we mean 🙂

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6 responses to “Excuse my language….

  1. Hi, Tony,
    I like to read success stories. I am one of those who really need such service like you provide, but $197/mo is something I can’t afford.
    Thank you!

  2. Tony,

    You mention in your copy, “My techy team are all marketers as well as nerds”. I understand your comments about not doing “ghostwriting” and instead providing advice on “all technical matters”. But does this mean all questions related to marketing are forbidden? I can’t tell you the number of times I would love to have a small group of marketing savvy individuals that I could bounce ideas off of.

    What I’m saying, Tony, is that while I understand clearly your service is, no doubt, top notch and a bargain, I don’t need “techy” help. I need marketing help – and I am talking specific issues that I need to address. The “fork in the road” type of thing.

    It’s the type of thing I don’t want to take to a forum where members’ recommendations are unreliable at best. And I don’t want to take the weeks needed for split testing.

    I guess what I’m saying, Tony, is that if you ever do assemble a Marketing “A Team” then let me know – and QUICK. 😉

    BTW, I really enjoyed “Traffic Lesson 1” (many notes taken) . I am really looking forward to “Lesson 2”.

    Merry Christmas, Tony,

    Patrick Donovan (aka xearther)

    P.S. What’s really funny is I’m working on a site with “twit” in the domain name today. OMG! Am I going to piss off the English? I figured if the likes of Monty Python and John Cleese could have fun with it, why not I? Or am I being a bit of a twit, thinking this? Perhaps that’s the point, eh? 😉

  3. Uh, Tony? If you could add a slash before that “i>” I would most appreciate it. I meant for marketing to only have the italics. I could swear I put the slash in. But this twit does need new glasses. 😉

  4. As a Yankee, I think it’s funny that “Bloody brilliant,” is considered dirty language. Then again, you think it’s funny when fat American tourists take cash out of their fanny packs! On this point, we both agree. 🙂

  5. vernon

    I am like Anatoly your lessons would be great but $197 a month
    is out of my league also.
    What is needed is something that we can work at to make money at so we can work up to that level.


  6. Tony Shepherd

    It’s becoming very obvious that there is a real desire for some kind of ‘pay as you go’ technical mentoring / support service.

    (Spell it out for the competition why don’t I 🙂

    Quite honestly we’ve been talking about nothing else here for the past week so we REALLY are looking at ways to help you out and to make it affordable too – REALLY affordable.

    To answer a few questions about what’s ‘allowed’ and what’s not allowed in terms of http://www.121mentoring.com

    Most of you will know by now that we do absolutely everything we can to move your businesses forward – we don’t sit here and count the Clickbank receipts – most of the time is taken up with looking after customers and subscribers, so leave this with me, and I’ll see what ideas and concepts the Christmas break throws up…

    So don’t worry about what’s allowed and what isn’t – just let us know how we can help.

    and as always thanks for your VERY helpful comments.

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