I’ve Been BURSTING To Tell You About This!


…On November 3rd last year a couple of friends of mine – Tahir Shah and Matt Garrett let me try out a new service they’d been working on.

After just one week of using it I was so gobsmacked that I wanted to email you to tell you about it – honestly – but it wasn’t ready for launch and so to put it bluntly they just wouldn’t let me.

BUT I was three hours on Skype yesterday BUGGING Tahir to let me give you a headstart over the rest of the IM crowd because that’s the only way I could bring this special pre-launch offer to you.  You now have a SERIOUS advantage over most other people in Internet Marketing – no kidding.

That’s NOT hype I promise you – when this launches on 29th January most people aren’t going to know that this earlybird price even existed, let alone being able to take advantage of it.

So what’s all this about and why am I raving like a schoolgirl at a boy band gig?

1. From what I’ve seen there is NOTHING else out there like this.

2. I’ve seen the results with my own eyes and experienced the profits too, even though I’ve not used it anywhere NEAR it’s full potential.

Back in November Matt & Tahir offered to set up two Twitter accounts for me.

Their promise was that I didn’t need to do ANYTHING (absolutely NOTHING) and their service would automatically build me a shedload of followers.

Then I could do what I wanted with them (They’re my accounts after all) – Tweet to offer my products and services or to build a list….whatever I wanted.

I’ll hold my hand up right now and say I didn’t believe them.

So I purposely did exactly what they suggested – NOTHING – to see if their service works.

Well let me tell you it DOES. I now have over 3,000 followers on THIS account, opened 3rd Nov, and over 2,000 on THIS account opened a little later.


And they’re REAL people with a REAL interest in the niches I chose (Internet Marketing and PLR), and who visit my sites and buy my products.

I now have more followers on these accounts in just a few weeks than I do on my MAIN twitter account after MONTHS.

What’s even better is that Matt & Tahir’s service allows you to legally, ethically and effectively grab the followers from big name marketers in your niche, such as Mike Filsaime, Willie Crawford and dozens of others (you can choose as far as I’m aware). You can even grab MY followers if you wish…:)

And they won’t know a thing about it…


I was going to include this method in my Traffic Masterclass (I think it’s that good) but thought it only fair to offer everyone a chance to see if it’s for them.

This is a serious early-bird offer. I am one of only four marketers – Tahir, Matt and one other marketer who are able to offer this to you today.

Here’s what to do.

Tahir has made a video explaining fully how this service works.

It’s NOT a sales video, Tahir and Matt are NOT pushy marketers – they simply show you what’s on offer then you decide.

1. CLICK HERE TO WATCH THE VIDEO – The video is over 30 minutes long but it’s the only way you can lock into this unique service at the earlybird price.

2. Grab a coffee and Watch it TO THE END – You can’t get in any other way. They’re telling you how it works and what it can do for you before you buy – how many other marketers do that?

3. Decide if it’s for you (and it really should be:)

4. Lock in your place
(I get a commission for telling you about this, but I would be doing exactly the same even if I didn’t).

You can build a real, effective Twitter account THAT YOU CAN MARKET TO in a matter of weeks without HAVING TO DO ANY WORK AT ALL.

This service does it all for you.

It’s limited.
The lock-in prices are limited.
This is a genuine early bird opportunity and I’m glad I’m in a position to tell you about it.

Go watch the ENTIRE video now – HERE

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18 responses to “I’ve Been BURSTING To Tell You About This!

  1. Best wishes to you for 2010!

    Thanks for this Tony, I’ve been using Twitter in my IM biz for several months so can confirm its effectiveness.

    This is a great way to build a substantial list of followers FAST.

    Kind regards


  2. Hey Tony,

    Cool… you just gave me an excuse to have a coffee, take a break and watch a video 🙂

    I can confirm having a few twitter accounts really does help with your marketing !!

    My main twitter account: http://twitter.com/Mark_Terrell has over 20,000 followers, when i send a tweet message i can get over a few hudred clicks to any link i send them.!!

    Looks like you have a great offer here..

    I recommend everyone to take you up on your early bird
    price.. NOW Before it goes down..

    Again Tony, you are using your contacts to offer your followers great value products… Thanks

    Mark Terrell

  3. I am always sceptical about stuff like this, especially as it could get banned by twitter at any moment. If you are recommending it Tony then I have to think again.

  4. Tony Shepherd

    Hi guys – thanks for posting. Mark, Stuart – totally agree with the potential here – great comments.

    David – good point – I had the same opinion. From what I understand all it does is automates the process. Quite honestly I thought it was worth a go, especially for people with existing accounts who can open another for marketing purposes.

    …and truth told my job as I see it is to show you things that I use and that impress me, knowing that you’re all intelligent enough to look at the info and make your own decisions

    Personally, for me the additional traffic is well well worth it – it’s the kind of business decision I make every day. Taking decisions like these is why I get such a buzz out of being my own boss 🙂

  5. Tom

    I took the plunge Tony, it looks absolutely fantastic. I did have to ask them to add a specific niche though, just waiting on the email back and I’ll be up and running!

    Tony – I notice on your accounts you’ve not done anything with them yet (as you said you would). Have you been getting traffic just from people visiting your Twitter pages?

  6. Tony Shepherd

    Hiya Tom

    I must admit I think it’s a great product too. The special offer price is selling fast as people recognise this too.

    Your comment is very true – I’ve done bugger all with my account – four tweets in total I think… I did this because I wanted proof that my followers would increase without any work from me whatsoever. They did – on average over 200 new people each DAY

    So did I get traffic from just these few tweets?

    A HUGE Yes – and in a couple of days I’m going to show you the proof, on this blog – and I’ve also persuaded Tahir – the site co-owner – to give you a very special GUARANTEE that you simply won’t believe! He’ll be doing this in an interview with me.

    Look out for this very special interview a little later this week, and if you’ve not locked in at this special price do so right now by clicking this link – Go watch the ENTIRE video now – HERE

  7. Hi Tony,

    Thanks for the heads up. Dived in head first! Looks to be a good service. Time will tell I guess, but I have high hopes.

  8. Al

    “It’s NOT a sales video, Tahir and Matt are NOT pushy marketers – they simply show you what’s on offer then you decide.”


    This is one of the pushiest and salesy-est videos I’ve ever seen and there’s no way I would have watched it but for your recomendation Tony.

    The numbers and info given in the video are remarkable and show that “Twitter Marketing” is amazingly powerful.

    If you can afford a monthly charge then this may make sense.

  9. Tony,
    I have been following you (in a professional capacity) NOT a weird stalker kinda way 😉 for about 12 Months or so and i know by now that if your excited about something new on the market then we all should be.

    I have around 7-8 hundred followers on my personal twitter account but if i’m honest i don’t tend to use it as i really should do,
    for my marketing.

    Do i really know HOW to use twitter as it should be used as an IM tool NOOO – so i suppose i better go and watch the video and start getting my head around using it as we should.

    Thanks for all you do for us Tony we all appreciate it

  10. Hi Tony,

    This sounds great. But, I don’t understand how you can be sure of anything, except that the method brings traffic.

    For example, if you’ve done nothing with the accounts (only 4 tweets), how is it possible to know that the traffic and sales will happen? I mean, I don’t want to be the Devil’s Advocate, but how can you know anything about the quality of followers, if you haven’t worked the list (done the tweets)?

    I’m just a bit skeptical about the value of such automatic processes and methods. However, it does interest me….

    All the best,

  11. Tony Shepherd

    Hi Laurie

    Some good points, and you’ll notice I don’t work like many marketers – I’ll let ALL blog comments go live in order to get balanced and real feedback from my readers. I won’t just show you the positive ones.

    I’m preparing some traffic stats to show you later this week. The whole point is that you’re right – I haven’t worked the accounts at all – yet I’ve seen some results.

    For me that’s enough to recognise a hugely powerful system. I’ve had more traffic from this service – which again I’ve hardly worked – than I have from some article marketing and more ‘traditional’ IM methods that seem tired these days.

    For me that’s more than enough reason to move forward with this method.

    This is the fun of being in business!

  12. Tony Shepherd

    Alex – your comments made me smile! I don’t agree that it’s a pushy video though. It’s a bloody SLICK video without a doubt and Tahir gets carried away because he believes in the product but the facts and figures given speak for themselves I think.

    Again my job is to tell you what’s on offer then to try to get you a discount too 🙂 but the proof is in the use and I’ll certainly be using this.

    Thanks for taking the time to comment Alex, always welcome!

    Michael – not many people can bring the words ‘stalker’ in a blog comment and get it published – thanks!

    I’m working on getting some more info to you later this week guys.

  13. Steve Ahern

    Hi Tony,

    I tried to view Matt & Tahirs video relating to Twitter – but couldnt access it. Do you have another link?


  14. Joel

    Hi Tony,

    I have a question for you,
    does one Twittollower account allows me to
    work with several twitter accounts, or i can use
    just one.

    Thank you Tony, and a happy new year.

  15. Thanks Tony for sharing this info…

    To be honest I have never considered trying this medium
    as I did not believe it was as effective as people claim – until now
    and because I trust you and your recommendations.

    I shall be creating a twitter account asap and using this medium
    to generate even more traffic to my websites.

    Thanks mate, best regards, Mason 🙂

  16. Tony, thanks for letting me know about this! I will be signing up. However, can you tell me….if I sign up for Twittollower can I sign up unlimited Twitter accts? Example: Say today I want to sign up and use 2 new Twitter accts. with usernames like IMNut and PLRGifts. Tomorrow (or in the near future) I want to sign up with ILikeAffiliateMarketing and even further in the future, I want to sign up another twitter acct like EZAffiliateSiteBuilder. Does signing up for one Twittollower acct allow me to build unlimited Twitter accts for different niches now and in the future?

  17. Tony Shepherd

    Hi Karen- You can only use this with one Twitter account. To use additional accounts you need to buy another account.

    Put all comparisons out of the window with this service and remember they’re building you a following – into the thousands – totally, 100% on autopilot. There’s nothing out there that does this without charging tens of thousands of dollars.

    Judging from my experience (and the guarantee I’m going to get for you all from Tahir) there’s no doubt that within weeks you’ll have followers into four figures.

    The only decision you need to take is how you’re going to use the followers.

  18. Tom

    Well, my 24 hour stats. Brand new account, opened literally 24 hours before this message. At present, completely on autopilot, I’m following 941 people, but far more excitingly, I have 167 followers of my own! And the best part is, without sending out any tweets, 10 people visited my site through my bio link, and 2 signed up to my mailing list. Not at all bad so far!

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