Why Internet Marketers Get Paid MORE For Doing Less

The picture was taken last year in Manchester. It’s Matt Garrett, Jit Uppal, Tahir Shah, Me, Dean Holland and Dan Briffa having a beer at an IM workshop. I think Lee Mcintyre took the pic with my iphone – the workshop was his event.

tony-shepherd-blogMy best guess is that there’s also a total income of several million dollars  from that group too.

Yet while I’m not prepared to comment on how much the other guys work I can tell you for a fact that the amount I work has definitely decreased over the past few years.

I realised the other day that I earn MUCH more money than I did when I first started out in inetrnet marketing, for working less than ten percent of the time.

It’s actually true of quite of lot of professions – the expert surgeon who gets paid huge sums for doing a 15 minute operation that’s she’s expert at or has pioneered.

The movie star who gets paid a million dollars for a 15 minute cameo role in a blockbusting movie (silly if you ask me but a good example)

Or the talented lawyer who gets a fortune for spending just two or three days defending a client in court after his legal team spend six months preparing the case.

It’s because they’re getting paid for their skill not their time of course. If you’re paid for your time you’re probably not earning too much above minimum wage.

Lawyers are paid for their knowledge NOT their time even though they bill by the hour (or 10 minutes in some cases)

But as Seth Godin comments, ‘factory workers get paid for showing up, and moving things from pile A to pile B’

It’s the truth (although a bit snotty)

That said, in my mis-spent youth I’ve thoroughly enjoyed low-paid, time not skill based jobs like being a delivery driver. I could work all day, radio on, nobody watching over me, and at the end of the week collect my pay packet and have a few beers leaving any work stress (and there wasn’t much) behind.

But if you want more earning power you need to develop knowledge and skills that others will pay you for. You need to develop insight and creativity that others don’t have. That can be as complex as developing ground-breaking software, or as simple as having a nice writing style and a different ‘angle’ on your blog.

The reason I earn lots more than when I first started online, and by working less than the average hobo, owes a great deal to me learning shortcuts and fast-tracks.

These took me sometimes YEARS to learn. But once you’ve got them you can’t UN-learn them, ever.

It’s the difference between how I earned $1400 from a single affiliate technique two weeks ago and you might still have to crack the $100 income level despite writing and submitting 50 articles a week. (I’ve been in your shoes too remember)

What I do might seem like the stuff of dream to some of you reading this (it certainly did to me when I read emails like this a decade ago) but it’s not. Really.

I’m no smarter than you. I might be a bit taller than many of you but I’ll bet my IQ doesn’t measure up to a fair old percentage of my readers’ brainpower.

I could choose the smartest person in the country and tell them that there’s a million quid waiting for them in the safe in my office.

Without the combination they’re still broke.

Then I could take some bloke who can’t read or write and struggles tying his shoelaces and give him a piece of paper with just 4 digits written on.

Two minutes later the safe is open and he’s rich.

This is a clumsy analogy for what I want to say, but consider this. Acquiring knowledge on your own takes time and money. If you’re in your forties and fifties you might have to spend 10 years getting all this experience together. That’s a long time.

Which is why (here comes the ‘sell’ but stick with it until I give you my reasons) I’m so passionate about my Affordable Mentoring Newsletter.

I KNOW it provides you with shortcuts.

Each month I tell you about a couple of methods that have made money for me in the past month.

Not theory or ‘might’


For example this month I tell you about the instance above where I used a simple affiliate technique that most people ignore, to pull in $1400 profit . ($2800 in sales before commission)

I also tell you about a quick turnaround PLR method that brought in $2500 – that was less than a week ago.

REAL methods of how I make money, each and every month. No BS, and no holds barred. I’m very proud of this newsletter and can already see it helping people.

I also (this is unadvertised) bring you various packages that I use myself to increase my knowedge and income in my ‘Tony’s Masterclass’ series. These are all free in the memebrs area when you subscribe to my Affordable Mentoring Newsletter’

For example a few weeks back I bought a cracking video course to teach myself how to sell physical products on Amazon as an affiliate. Well the money has started to come in from my affiliate blogs, and so I grabbed the rights to show YOU the course too.

Here’s what subscriber Steven Dailly said about these videos:

“I’ve just been watching your Amazon Affiliate Free Videos. Unbelievable value, the best free offer I have seen”.

The videos, along with the brand new October newsletter (with the two money making methods I mention above and much more) are waiting for Affordable Mentoring Newsletter members now:

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See you on the inside.

Best wishes, and comments welcome as always…


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6 responses to “Why Internet Marketers Get Paid MORE For Doing Less

  1. Thanks Tony for the post

    Yes this is the best way of working investing your time for the future and not swapping your time for money. That way you can leverage your time

    PS any friend of Dean and Lee is a friend of mine – hope you got your iphone back!

  2. LOL!
    Why have I always got a Guinness (or beer) in my hand in these photos..? 😉
    I’ll have you know I work very hard Mr Shepherd!
    For at least an hour or so, and that’s several days a week!!!
    Of course I have been doing this for a decade, so I musta done some hard work somewhere along the line…
    Matt Garrett

  3. True words, Tony, especially when you talk about how helpful it is to learn the shortcuts that work. Looking forward to reading my October Affordable Mentoring Newsletter this evening, I am ready to learn anything you care to teach. Thanks for making this so affordable.

  4. Tony Shepherd

    Matt – You’re right mate it IS unusual for you to have a pint of Guinness in your hand – because it’s usually in your gob 🙂

  5. Tony Shepherd

    Ally – Thanks for your kind words. The October issues has some good bits in it (I’m really letting the cat out of the bag in these newsletters), and I think you’ll enjoy it!

  6. Tony Shepherd

    Jim – I DID get my iphone back, but had to go through three exit splashes and an upsell first LOL

    (Just joking, Lee Mc)

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