EazyTheme – New FREE Premium, Customizable WordPress Theme For Internet Marketers, Bloggers and Affiliates.

jigsawYou can grab your FREE personal use license from http://www.eazytheme.com

This is a seriously powerful WordPress theme aimed at Internet Marketers, Bloggers, Flippers and Affiliate Marketers.

After a slightly rocky start due to unreliable coders we’re now back with an even more powerful, fully-featured Eazytheme. It looks better, it’s got better functionality and it was designed by myself and Tony Newton because we simply couldn’t find a theme that fitted all our marketing needs. Until now that is.

Why pay $47 for a license to use a premium theme on just one blog when you can have unlimited personal use for free? The terms and conditions and other small print are available once you’ve downloaded the free version from http://www.eazytheme.com but you know me by now – there’s nothing hidden, no catch or any sort of dodgy continuity involved.

Grab EazyTheme right now and check it out for yourself. Try it out on your sites. Once you see you can make money from using it, come back and buy the developer’s license from us (priced so anyone can afford it at $47)

It’s been great fun to launch and you can see what I reckon is the actual moment I gave the go ahead to launch in this picture.photobeach

Actually the pic was taken by ‘accident’ by my wife who was set on gathering evidence that I check my email FAR too much when we’re taking a break, and snapped this of me sending an email when I was supposed to be beach walking.

Two miles down this pretty but breezy Welsh beach and  I checked in again to see literally hundreds of people were getting themselves a copy of EazyTheme. I’ve got one myself of course – I’ve got a big new site planned and it’s based round the features you’ll see in the video at http://www.eazytheme.com

I’m a big fan of ‘mobile marketing’ and we travel quite a lot, running things from a laptop and smartphone.  In fact I’m writing this blog post while I watch my kids playing in the holiday cottage and the horses in the field outside.photo1

The truth is I’m really proud that we’ve been able to bring you a piece of kit – a premium, customizable wordpress theme, for FREE – for absolutely nothing when it seems that other marketers charge you at every turn.

I’m no saint, I know that we’ll easily make a profit on the time and expense we spent developing this theme, but I also believe in helping people who need it most. And that’s usually the guys who don’t even have ten or twenty dollars to spend on their marketing business, or are using their budgets for unavoidable expenses such as list software  or getting good web graphics made.

If that’s you EazyTheme is for you. The personal user license is both unlimited and free, yet we think it’s better than the top paid themes out there.

Best wishes & let me know what you think of it!

Tony Shepherd

PS Once you see the features in EazyTheme, check out our affiliate page and find out how you can make easy commissions by just telling your contacts about how great (and free) EazyTheme is!

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13 responses to “EazyTheme – New FREE Premium, Customizable WordPress Theme For Internet Marketers, Bloggers and Affiliates.

  1. Hi Tony,
    Thanks again for the free theme; it looks no-brainer simple. I had to laugh about the checking your email FAR too much. Now that I can do so on my phone, I can certainly relate.

    Peggy Baron

  2. Cool stuff loving the new and improved eazytheme, ideal for flipping. Nice piccies, but that beach looks cold (and thats coming from a Scotsman)

  3. Tony Shepherd

    Thanks Peggy.

    David – the beach was what we northerners call ‘totally bollock freezing’. But as a family we do a fair bit of walking when we’re out and about and it certainly cleared the cobwebs away. When I told an online mate of mine we were going to Wales walking in October he wasn’t impressed 🙂

  4. Hi, Tony, you are a real deal, I am already your customer, and definitely will use Your new customizable Eazy Theme.
    You’re living in an awesome nature environment. Thanks for posting, it was very pleasant to read. Waiting for more!

  5. Hey, I like this idea of Affordable Mentoring Newsletter. I order it now! Thx again.

  6. Hi Tony!
    Thank you for your many downloads or post as you call them, I do enjoy reading them.
    It looks mighty cold there but I should know I lived most of my life 75 years there up in the midlands Leicester to be exact. I have lived over in OZ for just 6 years and love it as I am in tropical Queensland. Since living here I have typed up my 25 years of Dairies into one manuscript got myself an editor and the book will be out early DEC . Now the hard work starts I have to promote my book to sell it, so anyone out there if I can do it, I have no education as such not good on the computer when it comes to difficult stuff, but at least I have a go. So if anyone could put in a good word for me! be grateful for any help.

  7. Thanks Tony,

    I am in the process of reorganizing some of my websites and I will set this theme up to try it. It sounds great.


  8. Rick

    Tried to download the free themes but was unable to because it said you already had my email address and I am thinking of course you do, I read about this on your newsletter to which I subscribe–seems like a Catch 22 to me or am I missing something?

  9. I love your business model Tony. Make a great product and give it away for personal use and then sell it to the same group for a different type of use.


  10. Tony Shepherd

    Hi Rick – for any problems downloading just submit a ticket at http://www.sosl.co.uk/ and we’ll sort you out



  11. Hi Tony,

    You really are one of the good guys, I really look forward to your posts and I love the way you do business.

    I have bought the socrates theme about 3 months ago and I take it the ‘easy theme’ is very similar?

    I’m really enjoying your Monthly news letter Tony by the way, keep up the great work mate.

  12. Thanks for the free theme Tony, I downloaded it and plan to try it out on my next new site. Can I be honest here? When the theme disaster occurred, I automatically assumed that the theme project was dead and we would never hear another word about it. Instead, you two fixed the problem and got the new improved theme back out in an amazingly short time. This is a great lesson for all the rest of us – don’t moan and cry about a problem for days, just fix it – apparently the two Tonys believe in fixing it and moving on quickly. Great job guys.

  13. Hi Tony,

    Thanks for the theme. I will be trying it out on a new site I’m building. Looks good from what I see.


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