FREE REPORT – How To Monetise Paid Mailings – The Funnel Report

Watch the vid – it’s under 3 minutes, then grab the free report below if it floats your boat. It’s about how I’m monetizing paid mailings. Very scalable and very easy to do 🙂


Comments and questions welcome – just leave ’em below.

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16 responses to “FREE REPORT – How To Monetise Paid Mailings – The Funnel Report

  1. Hi Tony,
    Just to say thanks for your help and info!

    Makes the day worthwhile 🙂


  2. Gosh Tony, what a wizard wheeze!

  3. Deailed – yet simple enough to follow mate 🙂
    That’s how all reports should be!

    Cheers for sharing 😉


  4. Great report Tony, I’ll be adding the redirect code asap. Solo ads are a beautiful thing 🙂

  5. Good to hear your voice on a video Tony. Thanks for the valuable info.

  6. Tony
    Thanks for the fantastic invaluable info – you never fail to deliver. Frankly I’m amazed (I think) that you’ve offered this for free.

    Best Regards, Ian Paterson

  7. Thanks for the info. Can’t wait to try this out.

  8. Brilliant! You’ve convinced me to overcome my inherent aversion to paying for traffic. I’m willing to risk $100 or so to test this out. If I can at least recoup a portion of the up front cost, this will be a viable long-term method because I already know what subscribers are worth on my list. Trying to grow a list with free traffic is just too dang slow! Thanks, Tony!


  9. Hey Tony

    This is a great report, really packed full of key facts,step by step.

    Excellent report.

    Thanks,look forward to trying it out.


  10. John Woods

    Hello Tony,

    Nice Job! Excellent example of explaining your
    mini-funnel system.

    Since your motivational posts lasts week, I’ve
    been ripping right into some PLR that I had been
    procrastinating with.

    I now feel that I am accomplishing important steps
    towards creating and offering that unique “bait” and
    truly believe that an effective sales funnel will be
    soon a reality.

    Thank You,


  11. Tony Shepherd

    Thanks Randy.


  12. Tony Shepherd

    John – Totally agree that paid traffic is something you need to get used to. If you get your metrics right it ends up being free anyway, but a lot of marketers especially newbies have a mental block when it comes to paying for traffic.

    It took me some time to stop using exclusively free methods.

    Thanks for posting


  13. Great report Tony, you give away all the how to steps, anyone can set up an income system following this.
    Cheers, Keith.

  14. Thanks for the report Tony. The beauty of what you have done here is the way that you have simplified the way in which you explain it. That just works! Thanks.

  15. Hey Tony, How you keeping mate. :))

    Long time fan & loyal customer here, and still learning a heck of a lot of great IM (zero BS) instructions from you! 😀

    Thanks for this report, I’ve been quiet for some time, but thats only because I was in awe when we met a couple a years ago in manchester if you remember? At the time, I simply didnt have anything to offer in return! 🙁

    Really felt like a little fish, next to Moby! LOl!! But this article is great, well written, with your usual humourous and captivating writing style. But above all – in typical Tony plain speaking style – a real down to earth and ETHICAL guide to really help others make it online.

    You’ve done it again mate, Thank You! 😀

    Very Best to you and family,

  16. Thanks Tony. In the last few months I have become quite a fan of yours. I appreciate the actually useful tips that are easy to umderstand. Sometimes good info without all the fluff and BS is hard to find. Thanks again.

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