“Forcing The Click” – A Review

$17 for a cruddy 20 page report?

That was my first thought when I downloaded and
unzipped the report I bought yesterday.

Big mistake.

I think this is one of the most exciting
in-come methods I’ve come across in a long

Obviously it’s not fair to give away the entire
method but I can say that I’ll be using this

When I read the first few pages of the report I
thought ‘Yeah so what?’ because while interesting
it didn’t seem to be anything that different.

But when I got to page 7 it started to really blow
my socks off.

It’s fully outsourceable too I reckon.


Check this out:

1. It outlines a video marketing method
that isn’t saturated, and doesn’t have anywhere
near the competition you’ll find in SEO for Google
rankings (and that’s worth the price on it’s own
for me but it gets better…)

2. You WON’T be making the videos. This is
affiliate video marketing for people who don’t want
to or simply can’t make videos.

3. The outsourcing costs for each video will cost
you just £3.08 ($5)

4. Each video can bring you a continued, ongoing

5. There’s hardly any content creation. Maybe 2
minutes work – seriously. (This is a biggie if
like me you’re very busy or you just don’t like
content creation)

6. The bloke behinds this techniques says it’s a
simple, fast, step-by-step formula that starts
showing results almost immediately.

I’ve no results in yet but I think I would agree
that this is certainly possible.

Now a quick note – this is based round selling
products as an Amazon affiliate. (But I WILL be
using this method for other things – it’s

You just set these tiny vids up and let ’em loose
and the product owner says they bring in
commissions without having to touch them again.

It’s a damn sight easier than setting up review
blogs or content sites let me tell you!

My recommendation would be to read more details on
the page below, and see if it’s something you fancy
having a go at.


For me, with my ‘multiple streams’ mentality, it’s
totally ideal.

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday

Tony Shepherd

P.S. Almost forgot – on page 15 he casually chucks
in a nifty little trick for getting listed on page
1 of Google.

I like this a lot. See if you agree.

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5 responses to ““Forcing The Click” – A Review

  1. Ian

    Hi Tony

    I bought it and am trying it. But, I’m not getting any response to my requests on the site for the videos.

    Are you?

    And, if so – how?


  2. As I trust you – yes, honestly- I’ll buy this wso. Agree with you that ‘normal’ video is far too time consuming. That applies to production and viewing time. Thanks for drawing this to my attention.

  3. gerardo

    Hi Tony

    Just wondering how you got on with making your first ‘force the click video’ and if you’re still as keen on this product?


  4. S. Salazar

    Got this and glad I did. It’s worth the price, probably a lot more. I just very recently started to follow Tony and found out about Forcing The Click through him. Thanks a ton.

  5. Tony Shepherd

    I’ll be putting a review on how I’m getting on with this tomorrow guys.

    I did find some delay in getting responses yes. In the end they did start coming through.

    How are you getting on?

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