The MobiNiche Theme – Make your sites viewable for 100 million iPhone users

We’ve just launched our MobiNiche Theme at a price that makes it a must-buy if you work with offline clients, sell any niche product, or you can see that the mobile internet market is poised to go through the roof.

You might think that browsing the internet on your mobile device was already established, and you’d be 100% right.

But very few websites are configured to be mobile-friendly.

Look at the screenshot shot below. The iphone version is horrible, and I reckon most people would simply leave. Resulting in a potential lost sale or opt-in.

So our MobiNiche theme is cleverly designed to look great on both computer browsers and iphones. We chose the iPhone as one of the most popular mobile browsing tools. The MobiNiche theme works on all versions on the iPhone

Not only that, but we’ve built in some very nice features that come into play when the site recognises it’s being viewed from an iphone.

Look at the tilt capabilities.

We’ve also included a double tap facility that allows the iphone user to double tap anywhere on the site and be instantly zoomed in to that section – the post content, the side bar, the optin-box (which makes it ultra-easy for iphone browsers to opt-in and join your list)

And of course you get all the usual customizable theme stuff such as headers, colours, menu bar etc.

The MobiNiche theme is:

1. Specifically created to work with the iPhone
because it’s the most popular smart phone on the

2. It displays a full screen version of your site
and works vertically or horizontally.

3. You can also double tap the various sections and
the theme will zoom in correctly. (Also makes
opting into squeeze pages ultra-easy on an iphone)

4. Looks great in any PC or Mac Browser. Looks
Fabulous On Any iPhone

You get get yourself a copy by clicking on the link below.


We’ve deliberately made it affordable so the people who need it most can have access too.

Comments welcome as always

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