Total Niche Takeover – A Review (well sort of I’m rushing out but I still like it)

total niche takeoverThis is my last blog post for a few days because I’m
off to start work on some of the methods I’ve been
buying lately for my own business.

Before I go though here’s a BIG heads-up I don’t
think you’ll want to miss.

Simon Greenhalsh from here in the UK has just
launched something that caught my eye immediately.

He’s putting it live on Clickbank in about 3 weeks
for around $50 but this is your chance to check it
out, and if you like it, to grab it for $10 or

If you’re into niche sites then this gives you a
totally different approach than building lots of
small sites. It’s totally step by step too (I love
those – it’s like a ready made outsource template)

In fact if what he says is true you’ll possibly
never build a small site again.

The price increases every 3 sales (which sounds a
bit crazy to me) but at time of writing it’s still
at a very, very good price.

I’m off – back in a few days.

Tony Shepherd

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