It arrived this morning – Paypal will limit my account if I can’t provide the necessary information (Plus: Paypal Buddy Report)

Paypal Need More Info Or They'll Limit My Account

Picture the scene.

This morning.

I’ve just woken up and I’m still in bed trying to get my eyes to focus.

I decide to check my email on my iphone and see an email from Paypal.

At first I thought it could have been a phishing scam but then saw it was addressed to me by name AND they weren’t asking me to click any links.

As I skimmed the email three words hit me:

‘limit your account’

‘Oh dear’ (or similar-ish words) I said.

I wandered down to my workroom and logged into the Paypal account.

Bugger. It WAS real.

Instead of the usual balance summary I was looking at a big red box with words such as ‘limit your account’, ‘confirm your account’ and ‘collect further information’

Well at least they’d given me a few weeks to come up with the information.

I use other methods of processing payments so getting my PP account pulled isn’t life and death but it’s bloody inconvenient for sure.

Especially because of the way the business is set up and the fact that employees have access to my Paypal account too.

Anyway I had to verify a shedload of stuff for me, the business and for my staff who have access.

And it was done in about an hour.

A little later I got a Skype message through, and guess what? Seems it wasn’t just me that PP were targetting today.

Anyway it prompted me to buy this product – ‘How To MINIMIZE THE RISK of Paypal

Account Problems And Get On The GOOD SIDE Of Paypal!’

And I’m recommending it because I think it’s something every person who runs a Paypal account should know.

Once you get limited it’s too late.

I’m also now pretty sure why they requested the information they did, and I reckon I could have easily avoided it – thanks to this product.

More worryingly was a technique that I use on some of my sites that is totally against PP terms and conditions. It can get your account pulled.

I’ve now very hastily rectified this and won’t be doing it again.

There are also a couple of logging in thigs that I do on a regualr basis and that I’ve stopped right now because I’m told it ‘flags’ up as ‘unusual activity’

There’s way too much to go into here but it was a very wise investment for sure. I can see why a lot of people get their accounts pulled, frozen or are limited.

You can get a copy of this product by clicking on the link below.

My advice would be to get it, read it, and keep it handy.

It’s too late when the ‘dreaded email’ arrives. Better to prevent it arriving in the first place.

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2 responses to “It arrived this morning – Paypal will limit my account if I can’t provide the necessary information (Plus: Paypal Buddy Report)

  1. Garry Sayer

    Hi Tony,

    Just a quick note to say thanks a lot for your promotional support with “Paypal Buddy”. It’s generated many happy customers and living proof that if you take action with a little idea on a hot topic, and position it in front of a hungry audience, you’ll make sales.

    I’ve got some cracking AR emails lined up in the Autoresponder Sequence, including some revealing paypal customer support information, generously shared with me from a top internet marketer.

    I read every one of your emails and entertaining blog posts, purchased several of your products and never been disappointed. I’ve generated a full-time income from some “Kickstart Course” sites in a couple of niches.

    Keep up the great work, mate. 🙂

    Garry Sayer.

  2. Tony Shepherd

    My pleasure Garry, this will help a lot of people (me included) and it puts a shiver down your spine when the dreaded ‘limited’ email arrives.


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