The ‘Buyer Traffic Course’ – A Review

How things change eh?

Two years ago I paid $495 for a course on how to
obtain buyer traffic.

It was mostly fluff, fancy packaging and fannying about.

Just an hour ago I bought a SIX DOLLAR product that contains more and better information.

(More info from the link below)

It’s in two parts but if my maths doesn’t let me
down we’re talking 277 pages of actionable,
effective buyer traffic generation methods.

It seems crazy to say it because of the size, but
there’s actually no fluff in this course either.

What IS included are the actual sites you need to
implement these strategies. Something that’s left
out of a lot of courses.

Anyway, I’m going to be going through this with my
team tomorrow to see what we can start with

Just look at some of the strategies that are included in this course.

1)The Online “GROUPS” Cash Avalanche

2) The Forum Marketing Goldmine

3)The secret Article Cash Cow

4)The Hidden “Blogging” Treasure Trove

5)The Blog Commenting Method

6)The Classified Traffic Typhoon

7)The Hidden Free e-book Cash Method

8)The Instant Adswaps Cash

9)The JV Partner Swapping Cashmine

10)The ezine JV Effortless Cash

11)The JV-Giveaway Cash Feast

12)The Social Media Traffic Juggernaut

13)The Perpetual Youtube Traffic Machine

14)The Yahoo! answers Traffic Stampede

15)The Traffic Exchanges Traffic Machine

16)The Press Release Buzz Building Machine

17)The Safelist List Machine

18)The Social Bookmarking Auto Traffic Machine

19)The Viral Marketing Traffic Bomb

20)The “Pepsi-Coke” Method

21)The EVERGREEN Amazon Traffic Spring

22)The Autoblogging Traffic Avalanche

23)The Document Sharing Goldmine

24)File Sharing and Torrent Sites Autopilot Traffic

25)The “Tutorial” Traffic

26)The Free “Teaser” Method

27)The PPC Rockstar

28)The Media Buying Millionaire

29)The Hidden PPV Cash

30)The Underground “Paid Review” Method

31)The Instant List Cash Cow

32) The Co-reg Goldmine

33)The Postcard Marketing Cash Machine

34)The Absolute Forum Domination Method

35)The Fiverr Method

All of these methods include Step-By-Step demonstration and you’ll find them extremely easy to implement.

These methods work very well with the CPA offers,info products,Amazon products,Adsense ,as well as domain parking and every one of these methods has the potential to get you hundreds(if not thousands) of extremely targeted visitors.

Here’s what the product creator says:

“While I can not guarantee that you’ll make at least $10 million with these methods,I can guarantee that after going through this course,you’ll never again need to buy any other traffic guide…and if you dedicate 2-3 hours a day,you’ll start making a job-replacing income within one month.”

I’ll leave you to check it out (definitely check out the buyer comments because they’ll give you an idea of the quality), and to see how this slots into your business.

We all need traffic right?

Six dollars makes this something that must be
investigated I’d say.

See what you think.

Have a great day.

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One response to “The ‘Buyer Traffic Course’ – A Review

  1. Terry

    Yes, Tony you were right. An excellent buy at the tiny price.

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