A PLR Product in 15 Minutes!

It’ll be a LOOOOOOONG time before you exhaust this method.

This has made it’s made me tens of thousands of dollars. You can do the same…

Like me. It’s very simple but it makes you smile. It works too, of that there is no doubt.

Once you’ve got the basics set up – the ‘cover all’ training as I call it, you’ll be able to create a totally unique PLR product in around the length of time it takes you to find and download a suitable package. Time after time after time.

All in about 15 minutes.

Well that’s what it takes me even though I work at home and keep getting distracted by the kids running into my office to show me a frog they found in the garden or asking me to fill up their water pistols.

Sure the bits and pieces that you’ll need to do to get it ready for sale will maybe take an hour or so, but the actual product creation will take about 15 minutes.

THIS is my favourite PLR tactic of all.

Here’s how I do it:

I buy a series of PLR products on the basics of a subject. The ‘cover all’ training. A series that shows people how to do the foundations.

So if it’s internet marketing I’d be looking for a course that includes stuff like how to set up a blog, how to set up an Aweber account, how to build a basic squeeze page etc.

This package basically gets people started with the technical aspects of internet marketing.

Then I’ll go hunting for a more advanced PLR course (video works best for all these) in the same niche.

So for example if I buy a PLR course about list-building, I’ll package this up with the ‘cover all’ training and call it ‘List Building For Newbies’ or ‘List Building Expert In 7 Days’. It’s acomplete training system in a box that can be run frm scratch.

Then I’ll buy another package – a different one, maybe about how to write and profit from newsletters, and package THAT one up with my ‘cover all’ training, and call it something like ‘The complete 48 hour Newsletter expert’.

It’s like having a basic cake mixture. You just have to put the icing, or cream or strawberries on top and BOOM you’ve got a Victoria Sponge or a Strawberry Cake or a Christmas Cake or a Gateau.

Can you tell I’m hungry as I write this?

Please don’t underestimate this method. It’s HUGELY powerful and extremely simple to do.

Once you’ve got your main video series it’s just a matter of going looking for a suitable PLR course to place on top. You just bundle them together to make a complete course. Like a pizza – ready to go, just needs a different topping to make it a unique meal.

I really should go and eat 🙂

Click HERE for an example of the sort of ‘cover all’ package I use for my PLR packages.

Comments always welcome.

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7 responses to “A PLR Product in 15 Minutes!

  1. Another useful tip thanks Tony … I’ll have a go at this over the next few weeks and let you know how I get on.

    cheers mate


  2. Tony Shepherd

    Hi Carl,

    It’s a simple enough tip for sure but I did very well from it with a series of products I brought out a while ago.



  3. Hi Tony,

    This seems like a profitable strategy. Can you tell me where you get these PLR products. I don’t want to sell my customers rehashed crap that has been sold over and over under different names and authors.

    How do you avoid doing this? Or does it matter?

    Thanks Tony, awaiting your answers.


  4. Tony Shepherd

    Hi Ian,

    Start Googling PLR but don’t buy anything. Just get on lists to start with.

    Try PLR searches on the Warrior forum and get on lists.

    If you get on the right lists you’ll start to hear about decent PLR that is genuinely limited to a number of copes. It’s usually no more than $47 for a license, even for video courses.

    And the quality of PLR is so much better than it used to be. A lot of people say it’s the other way around but I’ve been dealing in PLR for years and it’s much better.

    Hope this helps


  5. Sam

    I liked the plr product post. But let’s face it, that really is the easy part. Selling it is where the rubber meets the road. So you make a product in an hour, but it takes weeks to get it ranked on a site, or you’ve got to play around with FB (God help us), or worse, write article and wait for the second coming. IT all takes time. Lots of time. Except for WSO’s, which are a crap throw costing you several bumps, plus WSO plus. And that’s just IM stuff, what about the million other niches?

    Anyway, what would be good to have is fast traffic methods to accompany that fast product development.

  6. Tony Shepherd

    Hiya Sam,

    You’re absolutely right. I’d always try to sell PLR products using a mailing list or as a WSO. You need instant traffic for this kind of thing ideally.

    I don’t agree that WSO’s are that much of a gamble if you take yout time, do your research and put out a good offer.

    I’ve used WSO’s for a while as list-builders. Free WSO’s I should say.

    Love your comment about FB though 🙂

    Thanks for posting


  7. Sam

    Thanks, Tony! Great advice. I know, I just can’t stand Facebook. 🙂

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