Make money from ibooks – A review of ‘Ibook Insider’ By Tony Shepherd

I think this WSO slipped under the radar because
it’s not got big flashy graphics, and isn’t an ‘in
your face kind’ of thing.

It’s clever though. And the product creator can
read my bloody mind!

As you know if you read my stuff, I’m always on the
lookout for passive in-come streams, residual in-
come and basically ‘off the beaten track’ methods
that the herd don’t spot.

This is one.

I’ve been looking at developing exactly this
opportunity for a few months now, then BOOM! along
comes this WSO offering a step by step ‘how to’ to
anyone who wants it.

Luckily it seems to have slipped under the usual
WSO radar for some reason….

…maybe because it’s not the usual model – dunno.

But I’m having this, and I’ve sent out this email
ONLY to my main list because, well some of you guys
‘get’ my way of thinking now and hopefully you’ll
see the value in this.

It might not be your cup of tea though. I’ve got a
weird appetite when it comes to developing new
passive residual in-come streams, but I think this
is a goer.

See what you think.

Look at the screenshots of her passive earnings
from this. They’re not earth-shattering but I think
this could rival Adsense sites for ‘normal’ people
(i.e. non SEO superstars)

A lot easier too – set it and forget it too it

Here’s the link again:

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