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I think we’re in for a rollercoaster ride this year.

It looks like the USA and it’s mates (including the UK) are going to invade or attack Iran in some way. There are a couple of aircraft carriers and a shedload of warships down there at present.

They’re not there to get a tan.

So no matter how optimistic you are, fairy dust isn’t going to keep the price of oil down.

On top of that the Euro is fast turning into toilet paper, the British government are taking benefits away from the weakest members of society and the American government seems determined to pass laws that will allow them to lock up ANY citizen that bugs them without a trial.

Top it off with ACTA – the  internet ‘anti-piracy’ legislation that appears to me to be a back door for a bloody big ‘OFF’ switch for the entire internet. That’s raising it’s ugly head again.

And it’s just gone February.

So as we wave farewell to various basic human freedoms, freedom of speech and the last vestiges of hope that us in the west will EVER allow other nations to just do their own thing, let’s look at why it’s VITAL that you get your internet business up and running this year.

1. Because the world is going mad, and you can either put on your tin foil hat, rush out to buy the latest widescreen TV and join them

2. Or you can take a step back and think…’Shit, my time to becoming financially self-sufficient is fast disappearing down the plug hole of destiny’

Whew! Quick splash of the face with cold water and my rant is over.

From the day you’re born your whole life is about CONTROL.

When you’re a kid (and if you’re lucky) this usually comes in the form of loving parents / guardians.

Teachers take over this role when you hit school age and while they see conformity as the biggest virtue a young human can aquire (‘Oh she’s always punctual, polite and well dressed’) rather than a questioning, active mind (why IS there no mention of the British concentration camps in the Boer war in my history book Miss?’), on the whole, school is about care as well as control.

Then comes your job (we’ll miss out marriage in case my wife reads this)

I’ve talked about this before. It’s wrong to have to ask permission or lie to go to see your son’s first school football game, or your daughter’s Nativity play.

It’s definitely wrong to have to ask permisison to take a piss because someone will have to replace you on the production line (been there)

And it’s DEFINITELY wrong that someone else decides how much you’re worth and how much they’re going to pay you each month.

I’m NOT a leftie liberal who thinks that being an employer is evil. I’m an employer.

I just think that there are different kinds of people in the world.


Not because of the internet marketing thing, but because you’re aware that there’s room for improvement in your life and you are willing to take the responsibility for making that change.

It;’s cool.

You should pat yourself on the back.

And more importantly it’s about doing what very few people ever do in their lives.

Taking control BACK from the people who have it, and putting it firmly back in your own hands.

Acually, being your own person is pretty easy to do, in theory anyway.

All you need to do is become debt free and work for yourself.

I’m not saying it’s easy, but I AM saying that if you know what needs
to be done – having a target – then it becomes SOMEWHAT easier than
wandering round not knowing how to take back your freedom.

Work for yourself.
Become Debt free.

That way, few people have control over you, your family or your life.

Think about your current situation.

If you’re in a job, your entire leisure time is controlled by your boss.

Don’t think so?

Try taking next week off and spending it learning to paint.

Tell your boss that no you’re NOT taking some of your holiday days, and you’re not sick, you just won’t be in next week, and perhaps the week after that because you’ve just bought some acrylics, got a nice big canvas and the light in your kitchen is just PERFECT for painting.

Likewise try telling your mortgage lender that you’ll be taking a year off from paying them because you thought it’d be fun to spend the money on a small boat. Nothing too fancy but you won’t be paying them anything more for 12 months, at which time you’ll pick up repayments again.

You have to work because of your debts or outgoings.

If you didn’t have debts you could work part-time. Maybe a couple of days a week.


Just because 99% of the population are in the same situation doesn’t mean it’s right – it’s just means it’s the norm.

BIG difference.

It’s quite uncomfortable to hear this sort of thing right?

I agree.

Wanna know WHY it makes you uncomfortable?

Because you’re one of the tiny minority in society who actively wants to improve their situation, and WORSE – you KNOW it’s possible.

Sometimes you wish you’d never heard of this internet marketing lark right?

Because then you’d have the blissful ignorance of most people who simply aren’t aware of the HUGE potential for the internet holds for making you FREE.

You know.

You can’t close Pandora’s box once you’ve opened it, so you might as well get on with the business of creating a freedom-producing income for yourself online.

Even if you go back to your life before you saw the potential of internet marketing you’ll always wander back, checking the Warrior Forum for posts, or subscribing to a new list ‘just to see…’

So why not just resolve to get on with the job of earning that extra money that can free you up forever?

Forget everything that’s gone before – the frustration, the failures, the information overload and the fear of making mistakes.

And start again, from new, right now.

An internet marketing virgin.

You can’t unlearn everything you already know, but you CAN ignore what you don’t need.

One simple system.

Focus on one thing until it’s done.

If you’ve been trying to get your online business going for more than a year and it’s just not happening, it’s time to DUMP what you’ve been doing, because it ain’t working.

Go back to basics. Go back to fundementals. Get away from your computer and sit quietly with a notepad and pen. Switch off distractions. Take control. Take control.

Comments welcome as usual 🙂


Here’s a system that I teach to people who are overloaded and need to dump the excess baggage.

It’s about focusing on just one thing that works, making fast profits, and is highly upscalable.



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21 responses to “Internet Marketing 2012

  1. Not preachy at all, mate. And I agree, it’s all about control. I’ve had my fair share of ‘brilliant’ internet marketing projects that made me no more than a few quid. Actually I had some that made a lot more than that, but still not enough to pay the bills and support my family, which is my goal here. But this year I’m going back to fundamentals and I’m helping offline businesses instead. It’s scary because you actually have to talk to people instead of sitting at home and writing yet another ebook, but there’s nothing like getting out of your comfort zone, eh?

  2. Tony Shepherd

    Hi Helen,

    Comfort zones eh?

    Weird thing.

    I think coming out of your comfort zone helps you make money for one reason only – it’s not about ‘stretching’ yourself or any sort of personal accomplishment (tho it does feel good|)

    I think it;s because when you;re outside your comfort zone you don’t have a bloody clue what you’re doing so you don’t get stuck in the same old ruts as you do with your usual business.

    Thanks for posting !!


  3. Loved the rant Tony 🙂

    And yeah – It’s not looking good for taxpayers, more wars to pay for that we don’t even want!

    Wanna know what happened to our freedoms… try the government website:

    Oops – it’s closed…lol

    Guess we’ll have to make our own freedoms then 🙂


  4. Tony Shepherd

    Hi Randy,

    I try not to get too political in my IM blog but it’s flaming hard sometimes with the current state of the world.

    Agree about making your own freedom though

    Thanks for posting bud


  5. Great post Tony. I have spent most of my life battling against people trying to control me. I have been self-employed for most of my life for just that reason.

    Internet marketing is a great way to achieve financial independence as long as you stay focused and work hard at it.

    Forget the get rich schemes. Contrary to popular belief, Internet marketing is a real business and should be treated as such.

    As the saying goes – “You don’t get rich digging someone else’s ditch!!”


  6. Thanks for the reminder that not having a bloody clue what I’m doing is actually good thing! 🙂

  7. Tony Shepherd

    Like it keith. Not actually heard the ditch saying before but like it!


  8. Darren

    Great post Tony…you really hit the nail on the head.

    Glad I’m not the only one who feels the juggernaut hurtling towards us

    The real problem is that our entire system (from school to work to pensions and welfare) is just not sustainable in its current form in the new information age. Western governments know this and are absolutely terrified of the consequences…the sad part is that they continue to lie to their own people
    and misrepresent them, while pretending that everything is still hunky dory

    “just keep plugging your life savings into the stock market…it’ll get better, honest!”

    Or my favourite…

    “keep going further into debt so you can help the economy”?!

    The situation is a mess and the best way out is to be free as you say…both financially and intellectually.

    As for my situation I’m about half way to reaching my short term goals in IM. Had a few setbacks at the tail end of last year, mostly SEO related, but am making necessary changes. Am trying to scale up this year so I can remove myself as much as possible (actually, your post a couple of months ago spurred me on to do this – the one where you went with your family to the pub to make Christmas cards).

    Anyway, here’s to 2012 and taking back control of our lives despite what’s going on around us.

    All the best,

  9. Dee

    Hi Tony
    You can be as preachy as you like on your blog, although I didn’t find it preachy.
    Our blogs are one place where we have the freedom to say what we like. They are also one place where we are in control.

  10. Hi Tony

    I agree with you 100%.

    By far the best thing about working for yourself is being in total control of your own life. It gives you a sense of freedom that you could never ever have in a job.

    (The most freedom I’ve ever had though was definitely when I was a student!)

    I think IM is also a bit special because it’s totally mobile. You could be anywhere in the world and still run your business, which is something I definitely plan to take advantage of in the future.

    I also agree that a back to basics approach is best. You can definitely know too much sometimes in this game!

    Great post.


  11. Debbie Kennedy-Crook

    Hi Tony,

    There’s 4 things I love that come out of Yorkshire apart from the scenery.

    1. Your blog
    2. Coronation Street
    3) Tea Bags

    Your point about “Taking control BACK from the people who have it, and putting it firmly back in your own hands” is so true but sometimes people need to find themselves in near desperate situations before they’re brave enough to take that chance.

    By the way… I’ve just noticed that I loosley “feature” on your Sales Page for your Ultimate Internet Marketing Method.Fame at last!

    (Dag Nam It – I forgot to Bill You)

  12. Good stuff Tony. Anything that helps people wake up is good. I voted with my feet 2+ years ago and moved from Amerika to the Philippines. Things are a good bit different here but much much more free. Now if I can just make some money online all will be peachy :).

  13. Excellent ranty post Tony!

    yes globally things are getting very scary out there..the stuff so called “democracies” are attempting to get away with is unreal

    Try reading Simon Black’s blog over at or The Daily Reckoning, those boys know exactly what’s going on!

    Viva La Financial Independence – it’s the only escape..


  14. Michael

    I am in the U.S., so these comments might subject me to arrest and detainment without trial. What part of Nazi Germany didn’t we understand?

    Politicians are scared shiftless of a full-scale depression, so from their limited point of view war is the only other option. While it may not be good for children and other living things, it “is” good for the economy.

    I spent most of my life as a day laborer, earning minimum wage or less. And yet I once owned property in New Orleans Garden District, including a Civil War Antebellum Mansion and a 3-acre vacation property in Wisconsin’s North Woods. I currently live on 2 separate ten acre wooded tracts, with streams and ponds in the Florida Mountains.

    Financial security can be achieved either by increasing your income or decreasing your expenses.

    Freedom is an individual choice.

  15. Big Rob

    You have really struck a sore spot with me.
    The wish of ignorant bliss is one I find myself contemplating daily.
    Having been a perpetual gatherer of information for over 2 years now,
    Having no control is seriously impeding my progress. There always seems to be issues which take precedence over starting a business (debt,family matters,maintain the house,etc)Time is THE most valuable commodity that I never seem to have enough of.
    its so frustrating that I know the ways and means of what it would take for freedom,
    And not having the resources ( TIME AND MONEY) to do so.
    Sure, it would be great to outsource and automate it all,
    If only I had the resources.
    Oh, to turn back the clock and just not know what I didn’t know.

  16. I like the emphasis on control, and starting over again. It’s often a good idea to push away from the computer and re-evaluate the programs we’re tied into, dropping those that aren’t coming through, and focusing more on those that are.

    Easier said than done of course, but important nonetheless.

  17. Tony Shepherd

    Quite scary how many ‘normal’ people (i.e. non-conspiracy theorists) think that the governments of the world are on the whole corrupt, war mongering eeejits.

    I’ll say it again – and it’s NOT a sales ploy or anything.

    The marketers who read my blog are not the normal ‘cannon fodder’ internet marketing newbie wannabees.

    We’ve got intelligent, opinionated, free thinking peeps in the Hippy Marketing crowd and I’m extremely grateful to have you here.

    Cheers guys.


  18. “1. Because the world is going mad, and you can either put on your tin foil hat, rush out to buy the latest widescreen TV and join them

    2. Or you can take a step back and think…’Shit, my time to becoming financially self-sufficient is fast disappearing down the plug hole of destiny’”

    Yes ‘to the world is going mad’ Tony except it’s been doing that for a long time and the candidates in the US election are not saying “let’s see how we can straighten a few things out here, no they’re set on tearing down to replace by the devil knows what!

    2. We’ve got to say ‘shit, my time to become financially self-sufficient is now or never and dig ourselves out a lot faster, forget about TV, big or small screen … it’s do or die time!


  19. Hi Tony
    I am in the boat that is just puttering around
    Looking for exactly what your talking about in this post on arse kicking/focused action
    Went to clickbank to join as an affiliate for ‘The Ultimate Internet Marketing Method’
    But I could not navigate to that product
    I need help to add that product to my list of promoted products
    That will be my fresh start if I can get to the affiliate page/link on clickbank???
    Please share the affiliate link or page with me
    One of the crew on the cash flow river boat to financial freedom

  20. Excellent “rant,” as always, Tony! 🙂

    I think I’m fortunate in that I have always been constitutionally unable to stick myself in a “job”, especially one where you’re reduced to feeling like a child in school who has to politely wave the teacher down to get permission to use the loo!

    I prefer to take naps, pet cats, and go to the loo whenever I damned well please because I do my own thing. Have done for 20 years or so.

    I also like what you said about how navigating beyond your comfort zone is necessary because it takes you out of indoctrinated ways of thinking – so you’re more open to “surprises” and happy accidents and well, just damned good luck. Then you can test and revise and build upon what worked.

    Give me that scary feeling of trying something new, wondering if I will crash or soar, over that sinking, life-sucking vampire structure of holding a traditional “job.” It’s the only thing that works for me.

  21. Tony,
    That picture is the funniest picture ever… i have been to this page many times because of it. In fact , anytime i have a bad day , i quickly come to this page and get my smile back…Just see the fear in the eyes of that kid…lol

    Anyway, Tony i sent you a mail in reply to one of your email marketing e-mails.Its about one of your offerings. please get back to me on it…Thanks

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