10x More POWER From Your Google Backlinks – ‘OnPage Domination’ A Review By Tony Shepherd


It seems Google is changing the way that it ranks pages yet AGAIN.

BACKLINKS are now not as important as before. in 2012 it all comes down to how well your site is optimized for SEO.

YOUR only way forward is a SITE that is over 80% optimized in terms of OnPage SEO and for ranking on page 1 of Google.

That’s exactly what ‘Onpage Domination‘ by Kevin Byrne, Lester Lim and Aiden Chong claim to be able to do.

It’s an interesting concept for sure. They ask:

‘How long does it take you to build 100 backlinks to your site?’

And then offer to show you how you could get EXACTLY the same results with just TEN (10) backlinks.

Quite a result not to mention a Hell of a timesaver eh?

Not only that, but they promise to show you how you can use these results to move NOTICEABLY up the search engine rankings. We’re not talking one or two places here, we’re talking about jumping PAGES at a time to get to top ten rankings.

There does seem to be some truth to the matter that Google is disallowing many Backlinks, and many experts believe it’s getting worse by the month.

If you’re ‘afraid’ of SEO, find it complex or are just plain old seeing your results go downhill lately then for the price, ‘On Page SEO’ seems to be an interesting product for you.

There’s no doubting that using on page SEO gives you more control than other methods.

Question is, does it provide the RESULTS you need?

I think it’s worth a look. It’s an interesting concept.

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