7 Day Accountability Challenge – Get involved!

OK guys well I’ve spent weeks agonising over what software I could use to run my accountability challenge.

I thought about forums, plugins and shedloads of other stuff. Nothing seemed right for what I wanted

Then last night I woke up around 3am and realised ‘You need to practise what you preach mate – just get it out there!”

So welcome to my 7 day accountability challenge.

The aim:

The aim is to prove to yourself that setting goals works, and that by publicly announcing your goal on this post, you’ll get more accomplished than you have done in a long time by making wishy-washy commitments you never stick to.

I’m seriously guilty of this too y’know πŸ™‚

What to do if you want to get involved:

In the comments section below jot down a goal that you will accomplish in the next seven days. It sould be something like ‘I will build my first squeeze page’ or ‘I will make an adsense site’, ‘I will produce my first product’ or ‘I will add 40 people to my list’

In can be absolutely anything.

In seven days I’ll post a follow-up to this and the original posters can let us know what they’ve ACTUALLY accomplished in the past 7 days.

That’s it.

If this proves popular we’ll maybe set up a forum or regular post or something like that.

I’ll start off with my own 7 day goal below.

Other comments are also welcome. We’ll pick this up after 13th March and see who’s done what

EDIT: Excellent and very brave response. Remember if you want to see real results post your 7 day goals here. Doesn’t matter how big or small they are.

After March 13th I’ll post a follow up and we’ll review how we got on. If we see some serious results we could make this a regular monthly event.Β  Thanks guys!

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52 responses to “7 Day Accountability Challenge – Get involved!

  1. Tony Shepherd

    Tony Shepherd:

    My 7 Day Challenge:

    By 13th March I will have installed, set up and learned how to use my new ad tracking system (that I’ve been putting off since the first week of January!)

  2. By 13th March I will have have separated my business ventures into their own networks and set up my Client Support system so that I can focus on results, not tasks!

  3. By 13th March I want to have the Piwik tracking and analytics system installed on all my sites and I want to be an expert in using it.


  4. ZigPro Media

    By March 13th I’ll have 100 new FB CPA campaigns running (my first serious venture into FB advertising).

  5. By 13th March I will have launched my next WSO, and from this I will also have added at least 7 new people to my membership site.

  6. By Mar 13th I have 4 goals:
    – set up my Facebook Timeline (header photo, settings, etc.)
    – finalize the 3rd business product site I have started
    – complete phase 1 of 2 week Beta test for my coach
    – finalize my sales funnel and send out my first solo-ad

    thanks Tony for the butt-kicking accountability!!
    I strongly agree that this is one CRITICAL thing that a lot of people miss out on, do not benefit from or don’t have any option to have… that can make a HUGE difference in their success/fail rate.

  7. By March 13, I will add some content to my other website at tracktownmobile and get it up and running!


  8. By 13th March I will have finished writing my first Kindle ebook.

    Angel cuddles,


  9. By the 13th March I want to get my site fully functioning and hopefully get a list going

  10. Mary

    By March 13 I’ll have my first affiliate site up!

  11. By March 13th I will add 50 new people to one of my lists.

    Now getting to work…

    Thanks for the kick in the backside Tony. πŸ™‚


  12. By 13th March I will have my first e-book for sale on Clickbank.

    It’s written and ready but have been putting off setting up the Clickbank account details, for what reason I do not know. Maybe fear??

    This is just what I needed to get it done.


  13. Kevin Birch

    I too have been in fear mode for FAR to long – dunno why as I have had a taste of success!

    By 13th March my new WSO will be live and my new membership site upsell will be up and running.

  14. Kaye Kardell

    By March 13th I will have completed a Squeeze Page with a completed Lead Generator. This will be used in setting up a list in Aweber meanwhile. End result will be the beginnings of my First Ever List!

  15. Simon

    I’ve got a confession & an apology to make, like a lot of people I’ve been looking at the home biz thing for years but never did anything about it, partly because of all the rubbish thats being sold by so called gurus!

    Which brings me to the confession, I’ve been on your mailing list for a long time now, can’t remember when I signed up, but I always deleted without reading assuming you were another charlatan…..until I actually came here & read what you’ve got to say!! & I’m so glad I did!!

    So at the moment I’m eating a rather large slice of humble pie, & tomorrow I’ll be purchasing one of your products :0)

    Oh & I’ll probably be asking lots of questions so feel free to tell me to bog off!!

  16. Rob Johnson

    By 13th March I will have my squeeze page sorted.

  17. Debbie Kennedy-Crook

    By 13th March I will have finished setting up my new BoHo and Shabby Chic fashion blog.

    It’s the first one I’ve built based on a real personal passion and hobby and makes a change from the normal IM stuff.

    Great idea Tony. I’ve been waiting for this

  18. Dan

    By March 13 I will have set up 2 new Blogs in separate niches using my new program for SEO management. And have it monetized.
    Thanks Tony.

  19. By March 13th I will finish reviewing the proof copy of my first CreateSpace book, make the necessary edits and upload the new files.

  20. Tony Shepherd

    Some great challenges listed here chaps.

    I can’t wait to see what we get done in a week.

    I’ve started reading the instruction manual for my tracking software (it’s not exactly light reading) and this time I’m determined not to put it down and do something else OR get someone else to install it

    You started on your challenges yet?


  21. Thomas

    First task, get rid of useless email lists I am on. Second task, help my sister get her blog up with squeeze page. Third task, learn from mistakes made on sisters blog and not make them on my own, oh yeah I am putting my blog up as well with squeeze page. Of course I will have to duck her answers to this. If I do that in a week I will be doing well. LOL.

  22. Thanks Tony for startin this. Commiting in email for a week is very different from a ‘to do list’ for today
    By 13th March I’ll
    1. Get my first squeeze page set up and installed
    2. Get aweber sequence set up with content and offers
    3. delete 5 IM marketers from email
    4. Install piwiki on 10 sites so I can see some results from SEO efforts.


  23. I will finish of my sales page for my WSO complete with graphics … and it will be good! πŸ™‚

  24. My goal is to have two books on Kindle (they are ready more or less) and get something up on the two supporting websites, which have to be bought and set up, whilst keeping my 1 year old entertained and happy!

  25. Simon

    In 7 days I will take my first steps to being an internet marketer.

    Tony, could you advice me on which of your products would be a good starting point for a newbie?

  26. Tony Shepherd

    Hi Simon,

    Welcome to the wild and wicked world of internet marketing.

    It can also be profitable, rewarding, liberating and allow you to drink beer at 2 in the afternoon while other people are at work.

    As for which product of mine is best to get started with?

    Don’t buy ANYTHING yet.

    Have a think about WHAT you’re interested in first of all. Do you want to write a blog, create adsense sites, sites reviewing health products, electronic equipment or whatever?

    Do you want to create membership sites, video courses? Are you interested in PLR or flipping sites?

    Chances are you’re going to put a fair bit of time into this, not to mention a few quid so make sure it’s something you want to do, not just something people say you SHOULD do.

    Hope this helps


  27. Simon

    Well I figured whatever I do I’m going to need to know about SEO & Marketing techniques, so I thought I’d start there?

  28. Tony Shepherd

    Hi Simon

    SEO is always good to know, but these days basic SEO on your site can be outsourced for $30

    Marketing techniques? Hmmm You’d be 108 years old by the time you’d gone through all this.

    My advice would be to think about what someone would actually BUY that would put money into your account.

    SEO is important but it doesn’t DIRECTLY bring you any income.

    You follow what I’m saying?

    If you can write a review of a running machine and when someone buys that it you get $50 as an affiliate, then THAT’S what you should focus on.

    Work back from that step and find the affiliate program, the items to promote, the blog theme to put it on, the hosting account you’ll host your blog on etc.

    Work backward from the point that the money would go into your account.

    Be specific, THEN you can add things like SEO

    Are you following this or is it above your experience range?

    Anyone else want to chime in here with advice feel free


  29. Simon

    Yeah that makes a lot of sense, I kind of had the opinion that you could have the greatest product in the world, but if no-one knows about it you’re stuffed. But you could be an expert at SEO & Marketing, but if you’ve got nothing to sell then you’re equally stuffed!!

    Thanks Tony

  30. By 13th of March

    1. Complete my request for a set up service I got on 3th of february (IΒ΄ve been looking excuses not to do)
    2. Set up an Amazon site

  31. Simon

    You could have the greatest product in the World but if it does not meet anyones needs no one will buy it.

    My advice would be to look on some forums and see what problems people are having that you would be able to provide answers for.

    You can always do some research or ask an expert (which is what I did)

    Hope this helps


  32. This is a great idea Tony, so I have decided to have ago, and firstly say that I will NOT buy and more WSo’s for a week and I will have my first ebook ready for Kindle. I am half way through, but keeping stopping and worrying that it will not work. So what!

    As you said above Tony just do it, I ma the worlds worst procrastinator, so this will hopefully help me lose my crown!

  33. Simon

    Hey Carl

    That kinda blows my idea of an ebook about how to cut your toenails perfectly straight then……Just kidding :0)

    Yeah absolutely agree, I’ve got ideas of what I want to do, just think I’m getting bogged down with the nuts & bolts of doing it.

  34. Hi tony, in seven days i will set up all the pages for my squeeze page and also write ten autoresponder emails.

  35. How is everyone doing so far?

    Anyone care to report in?


  36. In 7 days I will add 7 follow up emails for my new Pinterest product, and finish uploading 5 new PLR article packs to my PLR site.

    Can wait to report back on the 13th πŸ™‚

  37. By 13th March I will have organized my spiritual healing website with pillar articles, opt-in form, consultation etc. so I can share and help others with the wealth of knowledge and understanding I’ve acquired so far on my journey.

  38. @ Peggy

    I’m on to it .. It’s my first sales letter and not the easiest of tasks but I’ll get there :o)

    How about you ?


  39. By March 14th, I will have:

    – Finished and uploaded my next pack of PLR (social media top 10s)
    – Written at least 5 pages of my new Coaching PLR toolkit
    – Finished my webinar presentation slides for Dan Morris’s weekly call (on PLR)
    – Written and scheduled at least 2 posts for my personal and business blogs
    – Written at least 2 guest blog posts and contacted potential blogs to post them
    – Written at least one article for the Warrior Forum to promote my new PLR
    – Added my current opt-in giveaway to my affiliate program and made it rebrandable
    – posted comments in the Warrior Forum, and at least 2 other forum groups every day
    – commented on at least 2 blog posts each day
    – posted to Twitter, Facebook and G+ at least once per day

    I will NOT sign up for any more training programs or other distractions!

    Here goes…..

    – Sharyn

  40. By next week, I will have completed my business plan for a new website. This will include the site design, color scheme, marketing plan, backlink building plans, etc. Thanks for the kick. You’re making me think differently than I had been.

  41. Great, Carl. This post sure keeps one sticking with it, doesn’t it? πŸ™‚

    I’m more than 2/3 toward my goal of adding people to one of my lists, but I’ve kind of stalled. So I’ll have to try another tack.


  42. Dee

    Hi Tony
    I keep saying I am going to do a makeover on one of my blogs but don’t! I am going to change the theme from twenty twelve to fleibility 3.
    Will do it as part of the challenge as well as 2 posts per week on 2 blogs and start working on a series of posts on one blog as I have done on the other.

  43. Tony Shepherd

    Yeah I hit a sticking point too – seems the ad tracking software I wanted to install doesn’t actually do everything I wanted, so I’m still looking…


  44. By next week I will have my photography website up and running with lots of BUY buttons! πŸ˜‰

    I have been postponing it for a long time, so hopefully the possible public shame will make me do it!

  45. Julia

    This week for me has been one distraction after another! Didn’t get hardly anything done! Still. the weekend is here and I got it all to myself, yay!.. so my list is a bit long but it’s do-able.. buy new domain , write articles, get new blog up and running, sort out messages for autoresponder, etc etc… put together small reports to sell, and remember to feed myself and spud the cat! πŸ™‚

  46. @Peggy and Tony

    Yea you hit that point sometimes ehh? I caught a poxy lung infection and slept for 14 hours!, got an emergency call to help a friend that lasted a day (It was worth it though as he’s been really good to me) and have got a really time eating day job (special educational needs tutor) .. Still managed to get a load done on it though πŸ™‚

    I think realistically you should always account for mishaps when setting time limits on things Ehh .. Still its better the aim for the stars and hit the moon than aim for the moon and hit the ground :o) .. Do you not agree ?

    Keep the momentum guys!


  47. @ Julia … Ohh yess .. mustn’t forget the cat πŸ™‚ …Now that’s given a reason to crack on πŸ™‚


  48. Update 11 March
    Started a day late, ending a day early(travelling tomorrow) with only 2 out of 4 done.
    2 adsense sites built and linking started – routine slog.

    Opt in and sequence un-touched

    5 IM mkters deleted!

    Seo Analyser just installed! But waiting on host support about cron job so not finished

    It’s been a good process, I’ve learned to commit after more thought and to start on the important early in the week.

    Next week
    1.1 finalise offer
    1.2 install opt in on 2 blogs sidebars
    1.3 build sequence with 2 offers $
    2. Delete more Marketers from prime email
    3. Evaluate business model automation versus outsoucing?


  49. todd hallstrom

    when I look back on day 7 I will see that I actually logged into this blog each day for seven log in’s!! That is consistency and I am on the right track and did not get pulled in different directions.I will have not allowed myself to get sidetracked and what ever I am working on is a bonus and now I can say that I am focused!!

  50. Update:

    My WSO went live on Sunday, so that part is DONE – but so far I’ve only added 3 people to my membership site from the upsell behind it, rather than the 7 people I was aiming for.

  51. Debbie Kennedy-Crook

    By 13th March I will have finished setting up my new BoHo and Shabby Chic fashion blog.

    It’s the first one I’ve built based on a real personal passion and hobby and makes a change from the normal IM stuff.

    Great idea Tony. I’ve been waiting for this


    Who was I kidding.

    But I did manage to take some photos, get my images sorted into folders ready. write my bio and write a few articles.

    So I didn’t get the blog up and running by the 13th . Why? Maybe because this is more of a personal hobby blog and not something I was going to try and monetize straight away.

    But I admit I did get nearer to my goal than I would have done without the 7 day challenge. Maybe a 14 day challenge would be better for me!

  52. Dan

    Where did all the distractions come from. I set up a new Affiliate with Optin instead. Not what I had planned, but at least I got something done. Thanks for the PUSH.

    Original – By March 13 I will have set up 2 new Blogs in separate niches using my new program for SEO management. And have it monetized.
    Thanks Tony.

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