Covert Action Bar Review By Tony Shepherd

This extemely clever bit of kit just got

recommended to me.

It’s clever, a bit sneaky and pretty effective too.

You know those browser pop up blocker bar thingies?

…that little yellow bar that appears at the top

of your browser and says something like ‘We’ve just

blocked this download’ or whatever…

and you have to click on it to download it?

Well this simple little gizmo allows you to put

your OWN link in there.

Think about it – most people these days ignore pop-

ups, exit splashes and stuff like that, but almost

everyone pays attention to that yellow warning from

your browser.

Clever eh?

I’m still getting my head round it but I’m

definitely glad I found this.

Watch the vid below to get an idea of how powerful

this is:

(The vid is a bit boring up until maybe 6 minutes into

the full 12 minutes, but you’ll still see the huge

potential in this)

See what you think – it’s rare to find a way like this to get

people’s attention so I definitely recommend having a nosey.

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