7 Day Accountability Challenge – THE RESULTS ARE IN!

Well our 7 day challenge is over.

EDIT: 50 comments for the accountability challenge, only 16 (so far) for the results. C’mon guys – if you posted a goal last week please grow a hairy pair and share the results!!

I’m really excited about this.

So all you who posted your 7 day challenges please let us know how much you accomplished by leaving a comment below.

Please copy your original challenge onto the comment first so we can see what your goals were, then let us know how far you got!

I’ll start!

I originally wanted to install and learn to use some tracking software.

I DID install the software I wanted, and I DID finally get it running.

But it doesn’t do exactly what I need so I’m dumping it and installing different software.

Now that might sound like a failure BUT if you take into consideration that I’ve been thinking about doing this for MONTHS before my challenge and now, in just 7 days I’ve eliminated some software and have located some which I think will do the job…

…well it’s not all bad, so my own personal 7 day accountability challenge has pretty much worked for me.

How did YOU get on?

Remember post your original challenge in the comment box below, then let us know how far you actually got!

Other comments also welcome!

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30 responses to “7 Day Accountability Challenge – THE RESULTS ARE IN!

  1. My 7 Day Challenge:

    By 13th March I will have installed, set up and learned how to use my new ad tracking system (that I’ve been putting off since the first week of January!)


    I DID install the software I wanted, and I DID finally get it running.

    But it doesn’t do exactly what I need so I’m dumping it and installing different software. I’m starting that today.

  2. My 7 Day Challenge:

    By 13th March I will have launched my next WSO, and from this I will also have added at least 7 new people to my membership site.


    My WSO went live on Sunday, so that part is DONE – but so far I’ve only added 3 people to my membership site from the upsell behind it, rather than the 7 people I was aiming for.

    All in all, not too bad. I got the thing running and it’s given me some things I can work on to improve. It has paid for itself, returned a small profit and generated some new members to my membership site. If I can get my conversion rate on the original offer up a little and generate some more traffic, things will be pretty good.

  3. My 7 day challenge

    I wanted to finish my site and maybe setup the autoresponder.
    Due to work and stuff, only got to about 20% of the work on the site.

    But I will finish asap.


  4. I wanted to get an ebook written and not buy any more WSo’s whoever promotes them (Tony!), well I got 60% of the ebook done which is 100% more than I would have done and I didn’t buy any more WSOs.

    So Ireckon this gave ne the kick up the bottom that I needed, so for next week It is to complete (no excuses) the ebook and develop an affiliate site which I am working on by learning more about how WP works.

    Great Idea Tony lets keep it going.

  5. so my list is a bit long but it’s do-able.. buy new domain , write articles, get new blog up and running, sort out messages for autoresponder, etc etc… put together small reports to sell, and remember to feed myself and spud the cat!

    Well some of it I got done.. 🙁
    Original WP site was suspended, so while that was being sorted out I carried on with getting new domain, wrote articles, set up new blog, I’m just about to jump into my autoresponder, and later on today to do small reports. Oh and I did feed myself and spud the cat! 🙂

  6. Dee

    My 7 day challenge

    I wanted to change the twenty twelve theme on my blog, do 2 posts on 2 blogs and start a new series of posts for one of my blogs.

    Flexibility 3 is now installed, not without problems, but all sorted. Neddede to change the width of the blog and sidebars, lost sociable buttons, but all sorted. Love it.
    Blog posts done. New series not started yet as Eddie was taken into hospital, so everything temporarily on hold, but will start them soon.

  7. By 13th March I will have finished writing my first Kindle ebook.

    I got a lot of it done, but it isn’t finished yet.

    I’m not going to beat myself up because I have completed all the research and planning and am about 3/4 of the way through it. I’m nearly there and feeling good about it.

    I had writing and translation assignments come in and I always make sure that I deliver those in good time, so the Kindle book had to keep taking second place.

    I’m pleased with what I achieved in the 7 days and am still keen to get the book completed and submitted.

    As they say here in France, it is on course.

    Angel cuddles,

  8. “By next week I will have my photography website up and running with lots of BUY buttons!”

    I bought the SW I needed, installed and configured it. I uploaded some pictures and there are some buy buttons.
    However I still have to create a nice logo, set up the blog and the autoresponder.

    But considering what I had done in the last month, the progress in this week is phenomenal!!

  9. Carl Picot says:
    March 7, 2012 at 9:09 am
    I will finish of my sales page for my WSO complete with graphics … and it will be good! 🙂

    Well guys … I did it 🙂 (Well I’m tweaking it now for the final part, but it’s there).

    I never though writing a Sales page would be so hard and I must admit, I did loose faith in the middle.. but belief and tenacity kelp me going (and not wanting to look bashful on here!).

    @Tony –
    I saw this quote today “Don’t worry that you’ll take a shot and you’ll miss. The fact is, you’ll miss every shot that you don’t take.” – Anonymous

    It’s all a learning experience and if it ‘bumps’ us in a bit the write direction then it was worth it .. or as the NLP people would say “There’s no failure, only feedback.” 🙂

    @Daniel .. I’ll check out the WSO mate.
    @Lynley .. Yea work is my major obstacle too. Being ill does have it’s merits on occasion :o)

    This is am awesome idea Tony … I can’t thank you enough mate!!

    Can I have seconds please?? 🙂


  10. 7 Day Challenge:

    Add 50 people to one of my lists.


    51 people joined that list and then 1 unsubed so I ended up with exactly what I wanted for the challenge.

    Hmmm… maybe I should have said I’d add 100 people to the list…


  11. Tony Shepherd

    Hmm well up to now the trend seems to be mostly that while the challenge hasn’t always been totally acheived, it still represents a BIG improvement on ‘normal everyday’ acheivement.

    That sounds good to me

    More replies to come I hope….


  12. My 7 day challenge was to set up the pages of my squeeze page and write up 10 autoresponder e-mail sequence .

    I did the squeeze pages and wrote 8 autotoresponder e-mails.

    I think i scored 85%….. 🙂

    (i didn’t add this to the challenge but during that time i wrote and submitted 10 articles to EzineArticles. This good distraction must have hampered me from writing the last 2 e-mails)

    I believe we can always get a lot done by writing things down and committing to it.

    This exercise would be great to do every month…

    Thanks Tony…

  13. Mary

    Mary says:
    March 6, 2012 at 6:38 pm

    By March 13 I’ll have my first affiliate site up!


    It’s not up. I had to get help with the uploading. It’s a plr website that I’m making over. I hired someone to do the nuts and bolts. He’s still working on it.

    I did find a set of videos to help me in the future be able to do it myself. I updated my computer so filezilla would work with it. I got brave and planned another niche site. So progress, but not my goal.

  14. The intention: “By March 13th I will finish reviewing the proof copy of my first CreateSpace book, make the necessary edits and upload the new files.”

    The reality: I did sit down with the book and decide on several changes to make, but have not yet revised and uploaded the new files.
    But I DID find time to complete my S-corporation income tax return, went to see a terrific show of artwork by Paul Gaugin, put in several hours of overtime at my ‘day’ job, and wasted about 10 hours playing a new computer game!

    Why am I afraid of finalizing my CreateSpace book and getting it out there in the marketplace?

    This coming weekend I WILL edit and upload those files!

  15. “By 13th March I want to have the Piwik tracking and analytics system installed on all my sites and I want to be an expert in using it.”

    I DO have Piwik analytics and the main plugin installed on all my sites but I haven’t been able to master some of its more advanced features.

    However I’ve allocated some time tomorrow (Thursday) to try and suss it all out and will have a blog post up at the weekend offering a review and sharing my discoveries.

    Crikey – more accountability!


  16. My goal by 13th
    – fill in the order form for a setup service I got on February
    – install a site to promote Amazon products

    I did the first goal, but not the second. I am still doubtful on doing different strategies or focus on one as is advised by many.

    My goal on this week is decide and put on a plan with small tasks and dates

  17. Thomas

    First task, get rid of useless email lists I am on. Second task, help my sister get her blog up with squeeze page. Third task, learn from mistakes made on sisters blog and not make them on my own, oh yeah I am putting my blog up as well with squeeze page. Of course I will have to duck her answers to this. If I do that in a week I will be doing well. LOL.

    Well I got off the useless emails lists, do you have any idea how many??? Did make a start on my sister’s blog. That was a s far as I got before I was sent out of town to work, got back last night.

    The time didn’t go to waste though, I have been trying to understand networking blogs for some time and found a free course, so spent time reading it while away.

    For the next 7 days I will get a blog network up and running for the two of us, hmmmm maybe that one is a bit too big but will try anyway.

  18. Thomas

    I just re-read my post and realized that I didn’t make it clear what I was doing concerning the networking of blogs. It’s not having a heap of blogs in many places and linking them, it means that if you multiple websites or multiple domains you can put all those websites just on the one installation of WordPress. Vey handy really, — IF — I can get to understand it and of course get it working, now that’s a challange. More likely old hat to many here.

  19. My goal is to have two books on Kindle (they are ready more or less) and get something up on the two supporting websites, which have to be bought and set up, whilst keeping my 1 year old entertained and happy!

    Well I got the two websites up:

    First Kindle book “Awesome Owls” is almost up, but have had a few problems with “instant” Kindle formatter I have access to and having email back and forths with support. Hopefully will be up tomorrow though.

    Second Kindle book, I decided to get more images for, so that means it will be another week or so before that one is ready to go live.

    Definitely got more done, thanks to this accountibility post, so thank you 🙂

  20. My 7 day challenge was to have my first ebook for sale on Clickbank.

    It would have been there and will be tomorrow!!!

    Had a few technical problems with my sales page as I decided to alter it to include a giveaway free report.

    All went well until I imported one picture from a different source and could not get this to load. I am not an expert on html and it took me a whole morning, this morning, to find the problem. Needless to say the answer was sickenly simple and all is uploaded and working along with the download page.

    First thing tomorrow I will fill in the Clickbank forms and will be away.

    Thank you Tony for inventing this challenge. I would still be scratching my head and avoiding finding the solution if not for this.

    Hopefully it will become a regular thing. It actually works having an accountability partner….even 50 or so!!

    p.s. I am 70 years young.

  21. Thanks for this Tony.

    Are you going to carry it on???

    BTW I’ve tried the sales page out in html before posting it on the forum.


    This is my first sales page so any critiques of how it can be improved by any of you veterans out there would be welcomed 🙂

    I’ve still a couple of bits to tidy up but do you guys think it will stand the test of the hardened realms of the Warrior Forum???

    OK thanks again Tony as this challenge has made creating the page much more of focussed task and no doubt I would still be half way through it now!



  22. Tony Shepherd

    Well it seems like EVERYONE got something out of this.

    You’re bright people.

    How do I know?

    Because NONE of you are giving yourself a serious kicking for not hitting your exact targets.

    Which is exactly the right thing to do – you;re focussing on what you DID acheive. And almost right across the board (me included) this was MORE than you have acheibed in the past few months. IN JUST SEVEN DAYS!!

    Shows what a little determnation can do eh?

    If we went at tasks with the same mindset EVERY time we started something we could conquer the world eh?

    Shall we make this a regular monthly thing or what?

    It’s only worth doing if we get 40-50 people I think.

    Let me know


  23. Mary

    Yes, I’d like to check in with goals. It was helpful.

  24. Thomas


    Yeah I’ll keep going irrespective of what others may do, and we should all keep at this. It’s really a way of giving yourself a goal and having a subtle shove in the back to gt it done.

    In fact it’s a goow way to ensure we have “Written down goals”, something I felt was a time waster, but when it’s out there in public view then it becomes a different matter.

    Little 7 day steps make things easier, some may have found that theirs were too big while others found they may have been able to do more. Love it, keep it up.

  25. Hi Tony,
    Yes , I’m still in. This has helped me a great deal to be honest. I still have a few things to do but I’m getting it done, and I don’t know about anybody else but sometimes it can
    get a bit lonely out here, so It’s good to pop in and read other marketers comments on how their coping and progressing with their projects. I can do weekly, no problem! Great stuff! 🙂

  26. @Tony

    Yea matey please keep it up 🙂 – It would be great to keep this monthly.

    I’m sure that this will grow if we spread the word a little !!

    Why don’t we all set a goal to get at least 50 people on here between us??

    Also it’s nice to make contact with the other people who are taking part and give encouragement to each other.

    What do you think??



  27. I would like to do this again and I’m sure others would too.

    How about setting up a forum?

    Everyone has their own accountability thread – and that way it would be easier for everyone to keep track of.

    Just a thought



  28. My 7 Day Challenge:

    In 7 days I will add 7 follow up emails for my new Pinterest product, and finish uploading 5 new PLR article packs to my PLR site.

    Can wait to report back on the 13th


    I added 7 emails to my Pinterest product following and upload 2 PLR packs. I’m still working on getting the other done.

    @Tony, thanks for setting this up…lets make it a permanent part of the blog.

  29. Thomas

    Previous 7 days: “For the next 7 days I will get a blog network up and running for the two of us, hmmmm maybe that one is a bit too big but will try anyway.”

    My goodness, I actually achieved my target, took one heck of a lot of learning and doing but got there in the nick of time.

    Ok for the next 7 days it will be get my Curation site up and running, being accountable is a pain in the butt because I cannot use excuses now.

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