Membership sites, recurring income and stopping being DUMB!

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Whatever you want to call it, in my opinion having regular monthly payments come in for a product or service you provide is the BIGGEST SINGLE ADVANCE you’ll ever have in your online business.

You already know all the stuff about only having to make the sale once, having some security to your business etc

The fact is this.

If you know that on the 17th of the month, $9,756 is going to drop into your account as your members are rebilled you feel SAFER.

My first major continuity site added $10,000 to my monthly income in a little over 24 hours.

It feels good.

I now have multiple continuity programs at different pricepoints in the IM niche, and some not in the IM niche.

So let’s cut down to the gristle and ask the awkward question:

‘So why doesn’t everyone have a continuity program or membership site?’

The answer is because your approach to continuity is plain old DUMB

Mine was too.

If I told you to set up a continuity program your dumb old mind would come up with a dozen reasons why you couldn’t.

It’s like sexual fetishes.

We each have our own particular dark secret.

Mine was the technology behind it. Still is to an extent.

Yours might be not having a product, or being scared that nobody will subscribe, or being left having to create a monthly product when only three people have subscribed.

All the above are BOLLOCKS.

They are NOT valid reasons for not setting up your own continuity site and therefore starting out on a successful business.

I know all the above are about being SCARED.

That’s fine too if you want to be a feathery clucker all your life.

I was bloody terrified when I pressed the ‘send’ button on my frst big continuity. I was bricking it.

Remember I had no problem with the idea for the product but I was extremely anal about the mechanics behind it all.

Passwords, logins, forgotten login details, membership ‘levels’ and areas, support, product delivery, php, coding….

I was really uncomfortable with it all.

Then I realised one thing.

This tiny realisation has probably made me more money online than any other single thing.#

Ready for this?



If you create a payment button in Paypal or Clickbank for (for example) $9 that is set to rebill every month, you’ve got a continuity program that will have a MASSIVE effect on your income.

The rest doesn’t bloody matter.

My first major success in continuity was delivered by a link to a pdf in an autoresponder message sent out every month.

There were no logins or anything. No members area.

Just good honest info delivered by autoresponder follow up message. As they joined they got message one. I’d only actually created message one at this point πŸ™‚

Then at regular intervals set by me in Aweber they recieved the next message giving them a link to the next part of the course. Same thing the next month…

When people unsubscribed I had to manually remove them from the autoresponder list.

But I was making $10,000 from this program alone so what do you think I did?

Yep – hired someone to do the admin and support for me. It only took me 30 minutes a day anyway.

I made around a quarter of a million from that clunky membership.

So set up your subscription button.

Get your first month (or week or whatever) of content ready and deliver it in the easiest way possible.

I wasted MONTHS fannying around with various scripts and plugins trying to get the perfect membership area going.

I should have realised it’s all about giving people what they want. They don’t actually CARE that you’re running the lastest version of whatever plugin to ‘handle the back end’

I know people who have paid thousands for ‘hand coded solutions’ for their membership areas who then make $40 a month from them. These are the same arseholes who email me to say I’d be ‘better off delivering my content in a different way. Here’s what THEY use…’

Come back when you’re making five figs a month from your fancy plugin mate eh?

I’m being snotty of course. But my point is the one I made earlier…

You ONLY need a subscription button that is going to rebill your customer the same time next month to have a continuity program. Figure the rest out as you go along.

It’s easy to make a password protected directory. Sure all your members will have the same password and username but they don’t sit around talking to each other. They’re too busy reading your excellent content.

Change it monthly and you’re 90% secure.

Don’t obsess about theft.

YES some people will nick your stuff. It WILL get stolen and published on the web.

If Time Warner and EMI can’t stop it then you’ve bugger all chance sunshine.

So concentrate on making the sale and giving good value.

AND getting those recurring billings in every month.

Deliver it by autoresponder, or updating a ‘secret’ website every month. It doesn’t have to be high-tech.

Will other marketers laugh at your clunky delivery. Probably. Do you really care what other marketers think about you? If you do, get out now.


When you get your membership site going you will see the biggest difference EVER in your online business and finances.

I promise you.

Not only will 90% of your financial pressure vanish overnight, but you’ll have more focus. Instead of having to create and promote new products all the time, ALL you’ll need to do is promote your membership site.

When you get each new subscriber in there you’ve got recurring payments coming in every month.

Affiliates will promote continuity much more too.

And think on this…

If you get just 180 subscribers (6 a day for a month) you’ll be earning a recurring $3,060 a month.

Keep on doing that and, well I can’t do the maths but you’ll end up with $20,000 a month in a very short time.

All you need to do is keep more in than leave.

Seriously, honestly, genuinely, sincerely…..if you do just ONE thing this year for your business, work on a membership site.

It’ll change your life.

Comments welcome


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9 responses to “Membership sites, recurring income and stopping being DUMB!

  1. This is a great reminder Tony, I agree! I myself need to put more energy into this model – because it works and the feeling when I get monthly payments or aff. commissions is just wonderful πŸ™‚


  2. Tony
    It is a great article. And it’s all true. When I was running a brick and mortar business service I did exactly the same. It was a monthly service paid by monthly standing order to my account. This is the best way to make money by all means.

  3. Hi Tone,

    I really do look forward to your blog posts – Honestly so πŸ™‚

    So informative and helpful are they, that it’s more than possible to make a product just on the back of what you deliver!

    I’m also a subscriber to your monthly Affordable Marketing Newsletter – which also delivers such great quality – It makes “unsubscribe” seem like a filthy dirty word!! Lol πŸ˜‰

    What advice would you give to a beginner IM (building a Subscription site for the 1st time) as to whats plausibly possible to deliver their audience if they’ve nowt a clue about IM??

    Or is this not an advisable goal for absolute beginners?

    Thanks Tone,


  4. Tony Shepherd

    Hi Kevin,

    Actually in the next issue of my Affordable Mentoring Newsletter there’s a great case study of how to create a simple continuity program without any complicated delivery system AND it works best in a niche you’re passionate about!



  5. That’s great news Tony…looking forward to my next monthly fix! πŸ˜‰


  6. Chris

    Hi Tony,
    So delicately and eloquently put as usual. But that, of course, is what we have come to rely on and why we read your blog and continue to subscribe to your Newsletter. πŸ™‚

    I don’t know but I wonder if the biggest stumbling block for many newbies, (and I am one), is not knowing what the hell to deliver week after week after week. And possibly coming up short with egg all over the face. Fear of failure in other words. After all, the technology for the mechanics of a membership type site are readily available in all shapes sizes and prices. The trick, surely, is in knowing what do deliver regularly, that represents value, and keeping it going. Any thoughts on that point that you want to add to this month’s Newsletter would be appreciated by many of us I am sure.

  7. Hiya Tony

    I actually read about this in your awesome Kickstart course and you gave examples of when you first started…

    I’ve got to agree with Chris that it is the content delivery that put new people off this …. I am struggling with finding content for my OTO let alone an endless amount for a continuity program!

    I have been thinking of putting something together for ages … but it’s things like ‘What the hell can I give them over an indefinite period?? That put me off …

    I WILL put a membership site together some time in the near future … but how did you target peoples needs when you first started and how did you you know what to keep adding to keep the site active and also the retention rate stable?

    Your newsletter is a work of genius I must add … l get very excited when that email pops into my inbox every month .. so can’t wait till the next one with the case study πŸ™‚

    Cheers mate


  8. Starting a membership site was a HUGE step forward in my business. I have a PLR store but now that I have PLR memberships, I KNOW that I have a guaranteed income each month. And this is what gave me the confidence to pack my stuff and head to Southeast Asia where I’ve been for the last 6 months.

    BUT I have an idea for an information based membership and I am scared. I love the blunt tone of this article and it has made me really consider why I’m scared, and why should I put off doing it??

  9. Dee

    I have a question about the automatic membership site builder. It is $47 for the year. Are there any guarantees after a year that you can keep it for the same fee. ie; if the sites are very successful will you be charged a lot more if you want to keep them, or are they yours no matter what after a year. Do you have any control over this? I know it is not your product, but did not know who else to ask, as it was a squeeze page.

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