How To Get 20% More Clicks When Buying Your Solo Ads

Here’s one of the major reasons I use to buy my solos.










Here are the stats from just ONE day’s solos a week or so ago.

It doesn’t always happen like this but around 80% of the time it DOES.

Let’s dive straight in with this method:

DON’T buy all your clicks from one seller because the over-delivers (the green + numbers in the screenshot) won’t be as high. Typically sellers only over-deliver around 10%

If you buy from seperate sellers they’ll ALL usually over-deliver and you’ll end up with more clicks for your money.

You can see from the screenshot that I ordered 400 clicks.

Cost me $125

The ACTUAL number of clicks I got to my landing page was 508

That’s an extra 108 clicks.

Worth $30-$50

I’ve mentioned this in an email to you recently but I just wanted to show you the actual PROOF when the stats had updated.

So if you’re looking for the best possible value when buying your solos, join, don’t buy more than 100 clicks from each individual seller (you can see the biggest solo in the screenshot with 200 clicks over-delivered the LEAST pro rata)

Getting the best value possible for your clicks means you can get away with a much lower conversion rate and still remain in profit.

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12 responses to “How To Get 20% More Clicks When Buying Your Solo Ads

  1. Thanks for posting this on your blog.

    When you sent the original email I actually joined safe-swaps and used this method myself. I can vouch that it works in that (starting small) I purchased 2 solo-ads from different sellers.

    One was for 50 clicks and one for 40 clicks. I actually received 77 and 63 clicks respecively.

    Total clicks 140 with a 53% optin. Only a couple of OTO sales but was my first attempt so need to test.

    Thanks again….bloody brillant!

  2. Ronan S.

    Hi Tony!

    Thanks for the valuable blog post. I’d like to know what tool you use for tracking?



  3. Tony Shepherd

    Yeah it does work Bob.

    It’s a little more work splitting down your solo buys into 50 or 100 guaranteed clicks to take advantage of the over-delivers, but you can do it in 5 or 6 minutes and it’s WELL worth it.

    It’s essentially free traffic…


  4. Tony Shepherd

    Hi Ronan

    I use Demon Tracker and Proanalyzer


  5. Hi Tony

    I joined safe-swaps some time ago. I wanted to start with the free version first but the wesite setup somehow let me down. Have you tried the free version yourself? Did it work?
    Best regards


  6. Hi Tony

    What a great idea! I know that most solo ad providers over deliver but I hadn’t really thought about how this adds up when you split it over different providers.

    Thank you for sharing 🙂


  7. Kevin

    Thanks Tony,

    A picture says a 1000 words as they say…or something like that anyway 😉

    Quite an eye-opener actually, and very encouraging to those of us yet to take the plunge.

    Reflecting back on one of your recent emails focused on extracting snipets of helpful info from a PLR to use as the funnel bait – just wondered what tools would you personally use to create the PDF as well as graphics? Or would you opt to outsource this task instead?

    Thanks again.

  8. Tony Shepherd

    Hi Anna,

    To be able to buy paid solos in safe-swaps you need
    to subscribe to the paid version


  9. Tony Shepherd

    Thanks Dan,

    It’s not so much grabbing the extra clicks. It’s more about making it possible to profit from a lower conversion rate


  10. Tony Shepherd

    Hi Kevin

    You don’t always need graphics for a squeeze page but you can get them created for 47$ quite easily – try Agung on the Warior Forum – he did the last lot for us.

    As for creating PDfs – I use Word but you can easily use free software such as Open Office.

    As long as the finished item looks OK it doesn’t matter what you use.


  11. Kevin

    Thanks Tony,

    Thats very helpful.


  12. I missed this post for some reason …. I’ve been keeping my eye on this stuff … especially when it comes to testing conversions on a new product …

    I guess its always nice to get those extra clicks as well 🙂



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