How To Build A List Of Buyers Without Having To Sell Anything – the Mass Buyer Recruitment Method

To get a buyers list you need to sell a product, right?

Well Gavin and Jake from IM Cortex say you DON’T

They say they’ve found a way to get around two of the biggest obstacles in list building:

Problem #1: Traditionally, Building a Buyer List Is SLOW

Problem #2: You have to have your own product!

Now I’m still in the process of checking this out for myself but it looks pretty interesting.

Click the link below for more details:

Here’s what they’re saying:

How to get your own list of buyers incredibly fast and so easily it will make you slap your forehead with your palm that you haven’t been doing this the whole time. (been there!)

How to do this WITHOUT having your own product to sell, so you can get started even if you’ve never created a product before, or can’t write
copy to save your life.

How to do this without even needing to generate your own traffic, so you need ZERO skills in
SEO, PPC, Facebook or anything like that.

How to start doing this with basically no money to invest

Does it deliver?

I don’t know – I’m still checking it out BUT I’ve spoken to Gavin quite a bit this week and he’s a very bright, very clued-up bloke…

…So my opinion is I think it’s worth a punt for the price.

A buyers list WITHOUT needing your own product, without any SEO, PPC or Facebook skills AND without needing to generate your own traffic


AND ‘newbie’ friendly too…

Get more details by clicking on the link below:

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