This problem hit us like a ton of bricks

We had a problem with the business I set up with Tony Newton.

It hit us like a ton of bricks a few months back

(This was the business that we set up to create plugins, themes and apps if you remember)

We got hacked.

Pretty damn badly actually.

What made it worse was because many of our sites
were ‘set and forget’ and we didn’t notice them
until sales stopped dropping in…

…AND they lost their search engine rankings.

All due to the fact that Google noticed the sodding
hack before we did

It took a while to fix and we lost revenue,
rankings and time to get it mended.

I still have little idea what the invaders were
doing on our sites but I have heard horror stories
of innocent site owners getting (real-life) visits
from the authorities…

…because their sites had been used in phishing
scams to collect Paypal and bank details

And just to make your Monday even grimmer than
usual, it seems things are going to get worse
because a major hacking sh*tstorm could be on route

In October just gone, security agencies such as
FBI, CIA & GCHQ have issued warnings of
“unprecedented levels of attack” so if you haven’t
already been hacked there’s a fair old chance you
will be soon

Yes It’s scaremongering, and yes I’m telling you
about this because I’m going to recommend a product
that can help…

…but I can’t tell you enough what an almighty,
stressful and expensive PAIN IN THE ARSE getting
hacked was

Protecting your sites is definitely the BORING side
of internet marketing.

Although trust me if you DO get hacked you will NOT
be bored

I was sweating like a fat girl in a pie shop when I
realised the damage that had been caused and the
time and expense it was going to take to put right

So lock down your sites – especially your WordPress
sites (this is where we got hit) while you still

If you want to know from an expert what to do to
protect your sites (and this bloke is the first
person I called when I saw our mangled sites)…

…the check out BlogDefender by Matt Garrett

Click the link below for full details:

The guys behind these videos have over a decade of
experience in running HUNDREDS of high traffic
blogs, blogs that are often attacked, but are NO

It’s not rockstar and it’s not sexy…

…but if you don’t put this in place you ARE in
for a shock at some point

Remember I’ve been doing this a long time and we
still got badly hit.

Click on the link below for more details

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