Squeeze Ninja Review…and the most BRUTAL thing I’ve ever said to you

Yesterday I recommended you check out the terribly- named ‘Squeeze Ninja’

Get full details by clicking the link below


Then read on to find out WHY you should check it
out, and prepare for what I think is a pretty scary fact…

Why do you think I don’t need to do a product
launch every two weeks to pay the bills?

It’s because I have a sales funnel in place…

…which means I’m pretty much self-sufficient as a marketer.

Listen up because this next bit is the most BRUTAL
thing I think I’ve ever shared with you:






In a BIG way too, and here’s why…

Affiliates can say ‘nope we’re not gonna promote’

Product launches can flop, especially without affiliates

…and Google as we ALL know can just turn round
and do another ‘update’ and BOOM – all your sites
vanish from the search engines.

You following this?

…because it’s MASSIVELY important

Yesterday I told you that it took me almost TWO
YEARS to get to build a strong sales funnel…

…PURELY because the process of putting it
together – actually building the damn thing – was
SO hard

And a lot of marketers are in exactly the same position

Which is why I strongly recommend you check out
Squeeze Ninja
Get more details by clicking the link below:


You can create an entire, optimized and monetized
funnel in less than 3 minutes…

…and the most technical thing You’ll have to do
will be a few clicks of your mouse!

It creates your funnel, pages, does redirects to
offers and promos so you can monetize your funnel
without having to wait…

It does a LOT more too…

we’re talking stats, cloning existing funnels,
creating new pages, deleting old pages, tracking,
resetting stats…

…and ALL with no coding or designing needed

I recommend you check out more details if anything
I’ve said in this email resonates with you…
Click on the link below for full details:


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One response to “Squeeze Ninja Review…and the most BRUTAL thing I’ve ever said to you

  1. Ron

    Hey Tony,

    thanks for the review. I’m one of those that are confused about the technical side of setting up my funnel. I can’t let that stop me because I HAVE TO “FIRE MY BOSS”. IT’s am ust that I focus on building my list. In 6 months…….he’s fired. I’m going to retire from being an employee.

    As you said in one one your other posts, the opportunities open up with you’re not working for anyone. I have to do it Tony. I’m 38y/o and getting to old to be letting someone else control mylife.

    Thanks for the inspiration.

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