The stupidly simple secret to making money online

You know it’s a bloody weird thing…

The more things I offer for sale, the more money I

It’s as though there’s some kind of crazy
connection between offering a product via a
salespage with a huge sweaty payment button on

…and me seeing more numbers in my bank account.

Almost like selling things and making money are
somehow RELATED?

YET rumour has it that there ARE some people who
think the green stuff will magically appear in
their accounts if they leave forum posts under
their pillow for the sales fairy

It’s true…

They think that if they write comments on Facebook
pages or browse YouTube for a few hours, some tiny
lass with a frilly skirt, wings and a magic wand
will deposit shiny coins into their Paypal accounts

And even more confusingly they get UPSET when it
doesn’t happen.

Want to know the REALLY freaky thing?

I’m talking about me.

It took me YEARS…


To REALLY put this connection together.

Of course I knew that in order to make more sales
you have to actually SELL something – well I knew
it at some kind of cellular level at least…

BUT bloody hell it took me FAR too long to realise
that everything else is fluff

You’ve heard me say it time and time again – if you
don’t have payment buttons out on your pages you’re
not going to sell anything

You can’t be a Dad if your willy is superglued to
your leg right?

Offer stuff for sale, get it in front of people’s
eyes and you’ll make money

That’s REALLY all that’s involved.

The internet, the high-tech frippery, the fancy

…it’s ALL fluff

Find someone who wants something and then provide
it for them.

They’ll pay you for doing that.

The rest is mere detail…

…and once that sinks in – REALLY sinks in – it’s
not that hard to earn revenue very quickly


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One response to “The stupidly simple secret to making money online

  1. Hi Tony

    Now there’s a coincidence ehh??

    Nice to know that some people understand the oldest profession known to man (The oldest profession known to woman is a derivative of this anyway 😉 ) he he

    Take care mate



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