Stand on other marketers’ shoulders to reach the dosh

Get some personal coaching or get a mentor

You need to be able to work with someone on a one
to one basis.

Group coaching, no matter how good or expensive
will NOT give you the same results as working
with a mentor who can look at your individual
business and tell you how to make more money from

I’ve worked with mentors and coaches and it’s
made a BIG difference to my business

Sometimes you just need a short sharp kick in the
arse to motivate you…


…but more often you need an experienced marketer
to spot the areas where your biz is haemorrhaging

There WILL always be some of these too

Or if you’ve not yet set up your business, work
with a coach to put the right things in place so
success comes quicker and easier than it would if
you were stumbling round in the dark

Good mentors won’t rip you to bits or make you feel
small. They’ll listen to you, and the best ones
will help you to create a business around your
personality and your strengths

The key here is to make sure that your coach is
looking at YOUR business, and not in some forum,
webinar or ‘hot seat’ capacity.

All the above have their places, but to get the
best out of your investment make sure that your
coach, however you communicate – Skype, email or

…is focusing on YOUR business and YOU at the
agreed times.

Because once you get experienced eyes on your biz,
you’ll be amazed at the opportunities that will
open up in front of you

Your BEST thinking – your VERY BEST THINKING has
got you to the point you’re at now…

…which is possibly why you’ve hit a plateau or
(let’s be blunt) a brick wall…

…and you need someone ELSE’S thinking to get you
past the obstacle

When that happens to me I hire a coach on a one to
one basis for as long as needed to get me past it.

It’s how I attain new income levels when I get

Another viewpoint, opinion – even just another pair
of fresh eyes looking at your set-up is worth it’s
weight in gold.

Think about it…


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  1. Yea … it’s on the cards Tony …. 🙂

    Just got to get these products off my hard drive and ON to the net LOL



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