Speak to your clients – they’re real people

I just got off the phone with a potential new coaching client.

One of the scariest things he had to say was how hard it was to actually contact any of the previous mentors he’d hired, some of which he’d paid up to $9,000 to work with.

See how instantly you can get a potential client onside just by being willing to chat to the and answer any questions they might have?

Make yourself available

I know we’re supposed to be running ‘automated’ businesses that are ‘hands-free’ and on ‘autopilot’ but sometimes it’s nice to pick up the phone and chat to another human being.

I had a fun and interesting conversation with the chap this morning and we managed to put together a personalised coaching plan for him that I fully expect will take his business to the next level and beyond.

It does you good to know that the people who spend money on your products are REAL people not just metrics on a spreadhseet.

Lot more fun too

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