Who’s abusing your trust AND your email address?

You wouldn’t believe who’s selling, sharing or being extremely careless with your email address

Here’s something that will wobble your wellies if you get results anything like I did

Create a ‘catch all’ email account. You can do this in Cpanel in your hosting account

A ‘catch all’ is theĀ kind of email account that lets you put anything you want in front of the @ symbol and treats it as a separate email address, but it still comes into your inbox

So for example if you sign up to The Warrior Forum your couldĀ use the email address:


if you signed up to my list it could be


if you sign up to another marketer it could be


You get the idea?

Make a note of which email address you used for signing up for whatever site

Then wait until the emails start coming in

All will be fine for a while but then you’ll probably notice how you start getting unsolicited emails from other marketers and companies.

I have email addresses that I only ever used ONCE to sign up for someone’s list, that is now being sent upwards of TEN emails a day from some spammer or another. This has happened to a worryingly high number of email addresses that I’ve only used once and mostly in the IM arena

And some are being used several times.

If anyone can answer WHY this happens please drop me a line at the ‘contact Tony’ tab at the top of the page because I’d love to know

Remember all that ‘we will never share your email address’ bollocks that you still see on opt-in forms?

Yeah right, as safe as a nine pound note

It might not stop the spam coming, and the lists you sign up for might not be the ones actually responsible for the leak, but it’s bloody interesting to see who is ‘safe’ to sign up for and who isn’t.


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