How to get rich without needing to be a millionaire

You don’t have to be a millionaire to dump 95% of the things that you’d rather be free of in your life.

If you earn enough from your online business to cover your current salary you can walk away from your job.

That’s a shedload of freedom you’ve just acquired right there

Sure, working for yourself brings other pressures but they’re different, more invigorating pressures.

Make a little more money and you can clear all your debts and your mortgage.

Depending on your debts you can do this quite easily again without needing to be a millionaire

Just a 50% increase in your income can lead to you clearing all your debts and paying off your house in a relatively short amount of time

And an online business that brings you $2,000 a month can be increased to bringing you $3,000 a month without too much trouble

Remember you don’t have to ask for a raise, you just have to work smart and find a way to increase the sales your business is making just a little.

And once those debts ARE paid off, even if you don’t increase your business income any more, it means that because yon don’t have those debts to pay, you keep more of the money for yourself, to invest or to do what you want with

Suddenly you find you can buy stocks, or gold or property as an investment.

All without being a millionaire, and all by just matching the salary you currently earn, then increasing it another 50% through an online business.

Now you’ve got a debt free, time-rich millionaire lifestyle without needing to be a millionaire.

Is that a good enough reason on it’s own to start an online business as soon as you possibly can?

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