Can you still be successful if you don’t create and launch your own products?

In the internet marketing  ‘make money online’ niche it’s really easy to get stuck behind the thinking that unless you’re creating and launching products you’re just not building your business.

This is balls. Bouncy ones.

It’s what goes on behind the scenes that REALLY builds your business.

Get used to encouraging your readers to contact you with ideas.

Let it be known that you offer different levels of consultancy packages or personal coaching AND more importantly, that you’re open to listen to their business ideas and proposals

Work with people in different ways

Behind the scenes in my business, away from the launches and the ‘public’ face of things there’s a lot going on.

I have partnerships with a LOT of marketers – percentage ownerships of websites and products that have developed from my personal coaching OR from just being approached by a reader, customer or subscriber asking for some advice

Apps, software, websites, products, books, WordPress plugins and offline businesses

All this comes from being approachable and encouraging my peer group, business mates, customers, followers, subscribers and readers to get in touch with me about pretty much anything

Yes it involves hiring email support of course, but I don’t have ‘Rottweilers’ on my desk, everything that needs to get through to me DOES get through and you’ll get an answer.

Product launches are great fun, profitable and a good way to get new subscribers and customers on board…

…but by letting people ALSO know that I’m also coach, consultant and business investor…

Well that’s where the REAL profit, growth and potential comes from.

My advice? Build this into your business (WHATEVER niche you’re in) from day one.

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