Here’s how to ALWAYS know what to do next in your business

You ever sit down and wonder what the Hell you should be doing in your business?

Here’s something I’ve always used to work past those obstacles

So you’ve built or you’re building an online business.

Maybe you’ve successfully launched a product and it went well. or maybe you’re just in the planning stages.

Either way at some point you’re going to hit a brick wall because you don’t have a plan to follow.

I started exactly the same way – creating products and selling them but not too sure where to go next apart from following the same procedure and doing it all again

I had some vague notion that I ‘should’ start a blog, or that it was probably a ‘good idea’ to get some form of recurring income flowing by creating continuity products or sites.

But on the whole, like most people when I first started out I was like a headless chicken, blindfolded, at night, in the fog….with just one eye and even that had a patch over it.

If you’re just as lost and don’t know what direction your business is going in, try the following.

Work Backwards.

Use a pen and paper or mindmap software or a dictation recorder or whatever…

…and just work out WHAT you want to be doing in two year’s time.

If you can see yourself working from wherever you want to in the world, coming up with ideas and then having them made into software, plugins or apps then start working towards that goal today

Build a team and start learning how the process works. NOT the techy side – you’re an ideas person remember not a techy. You come up with the ideas, oversee the process and reap the financial rewards.

If on the other hand you see yourself writing about a subject that you’re passionate about AND making a good six or seven figure income from it, then start an authority blog. Later on your can bring in a team to help with the writing or SEO or monetization.


Yes absolutely it is, but it gives you direction.

If you don’t know where your business is going then try visualizing HOW you make your money in two or three years time. Do you have an office? Do you work from hotels as you perpetually travel the world?

Do you simply write about your passion then forward it to your team and they do the rest?

Do you liaise with web designers and techies on Skype to get your latest plugin created and brought to the market?

Visualise your dream, and work towards it.

It’s much easier knowing what you need to do TODAY when you know where you want to be at TOMORROW.


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