Are ANY businesses successful as ‘one-trick ponies’?

Are ANY businesses one-trick ponies?

I can’t think of any off the top of my head so feel free to tell me otherwise but here’s my question?

Are there ANY successful businesses you can think of that have only ONE stream of income?

As an example I took my little lad to a party today at a dry ski slope. The kids had a great time zapping down the slopes in inflatable tyre type thingies.

As they went inside for lunch I noticed that what used to be just a dry ski slope twenty years ago was now a children’s party venue, offered skiing lessons, sold food, had a huge climbing frame (paid) area and even offered corporate events

Sure it’s all in the same niche but it’s still diversification. if the demand for ski lessons dries up they can always rely on the children’s party events. If the events become scarce they can offer corporate lunch meetings.

How’s your business?

Do you offer products, coaching, a ‘done for you’ service, do you own online assets or operate an offline marketing service to local firms?

The marketers I know who are the most successful have several different streams of income that provide an element of security in terms of income.

I’ve been trying to think of any businesses in any niche that still rely on just ONE stream of income.

Even the accountancy firm I use sells ‘investigation insurance’ and offers book keeping services.

My wobbly little brain is a bit challenged at the moment after spending three hours at an under-7’s children’s party, but if anyone can come up with a good example of a business that relies on just ONE sole stream of income then I’d genuinely appreciate it if you’d share

‘cos at the moment I can’t…

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