I keep crashing my plane…

I’m crap at flight simulator games.

I have an app on my iPad called Infinite Flight, which is great fun but I find it really difficult. I’ve had it for months and though I don’t play it a lot I still haven’t managed ONE SINGLE successful landing on the basic Cessna level.

Ayway yesterday I hadn’t even thought about the sim but I found myself watching a ‘how to land a plane’ vid on YouTube. I was stuck, trying to write my newsletter and the one particular article I was working on just wasn’t coming together, so I went YouTube browsing.

After viewing several music vids, one fart-lighting and a bloke climbing the highest tower in the world I came across the ‘how to land a plane’ vid (who says I don’t optimise my productivity eh?)…

…immediately afterwards I jumped on the simulator and landed the Cessna first time. Whoop de do!

Dunno why, it wasn’t a great vid. The pilot was muttering a lot about cross-wind and I didn’t understand most of it, but it got me in the mood and it worked. My first ever successful landing.

Sad eh? – the whole thing. Proper dweeb stuff.

But then I turned back to my article and finished that off too…and it’s a good ‘un.

I don’t know why this approach constantly works for me but it does.

Just going and doing something else for a bit. Not rocket science or anything amazing but it works for me.

It just ‘de-tunes’ my thought patterns by doing something else for a bit and when I come back to my original task it just flows.

Just sharing 🙂


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