Why do we listen to advice from total strangers?

We all have ideas about a business we can create.

As a business owner myself I know that after a few beers at a party when the conversation gets round to the usual ‘so what do you do?’ that when I say I run a business, the other person at some point invariably says ‘Oh I have a really good idea for a business’

…and if you spend 20 minutes browsing the online business forums you’ll soon realise that most people are pretty good at coming up with business ideas.

Unfortunately they’re pretty crap at following through with them, because they all stop and ask permission.

I don’t mean they ask permission in the ‘can I…?’ traditional sense, instead they ask numerous questions, ask forum members opinions (regardless of the other persons background, education, or mental stability) and basically put OFF following through with their business idea because of the opinions and off the cuff remarks of other people.

One comment from a stupid person in a forum can put a newcomer off a business idea. I’ve seen it happen.

If the rest of their lives worked in the same way it would be chaos.

But it doesn’t.

People start families without asking anyone’s else’s opinion (except usually their partner’s) they decide to join gyms, apply for other jobs, make friends, take mortgages and buy ten thousand dollar cars…

…ALL without asking anyone’s opinion. So WHY, when it comes to a relatively minor decision such as setting up a part-time online business (certainly minor when it’s compared to taking out a two hundred thousand dollar mortgage) so rational people feel the need to ASK whether they’re doing the right thing or not?

It’s crazy. Totally bloody mad.

But it’s prevalent. Do you ask for permission to follow your gut feelings? Do you need approval to set up your business or are you looking for an excuse…

Why an excuse? Well because if you follow someone’s else’s advice and your business doesn’t work out, you have an excuse – you don’t have to take responsibility for the way your business has gone

I don’t need to push this point, I think you know what I mean so think about it. You don’t need anyone’s permission, you just need to take responsibility for your own decisions, and take action.


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