Are you still making this basic mistake in your online business?

Are you still trying to reach everyone in your

I think you’re making a big mistake if you are

Trying to reach all ‘newbies’ or ‘bloggers’ or
‘affiliate marketers’ (if you sell to the IM niche)
for example, is STILL too broad in my opinion.

Dig deeper – go narrower.


I’ve created products that ‘only’ appeal to
marketers who want to set up a sales funnel using
paid traffic from buying solo ads…

I’m currently researching a system of using
Facebook ads to build a fast, extremely responsive
list for email marketers who provide good content

One of the personal coaching programs we run is
ONLY for people who want to create, sell and flip
their own plugins…

…and you have (hopefully) noticed that I target
my marketing emails to people who can think for
themselves, are above average intelligence  and
aren’t too bothered about what others think of

All the above are what I reckon are pretty narrow
target markets yet work incredibly well for me

So when you’re creating your next product, or ad
campaign or personal coaching program have a good
think about who you want to target

I’ll make it even easier for you –

Just think about WHO you actually want to work with
on a day to day basis

It’s just so much easier working with people who
have the same goals and are interested in the same

…than it is wading around the shallow end of the
gene pool trying to pull out customers that just
don’t care about what you’re trying to help them

So my advice – suss out where your own passions
lie, what you want your own business to be about,
and just help other people who want to achieve the
same thing

That’s it….it’s always worked for me


I was researching the whole Facebook Ad setup and I
saw this:

It allows anyone to build ‘ready to run’ Facebook
ads in seconds, which obviously brings your costs
down dramatically.

Better than that, there’s no Photoshop, resizing or
programming involved.

It’s priced incredibly well, so I didn’t hesitate
to grab myself a copy and I’m looking forward to
trying it out.

There’s even an interface for letting you manage
your entire campaign BEFORE you export your ad to

…and it’s currently on offer for less than ten
dollars, which is just crazy.

It’s going to be of interest to you if you’re
investigating FB as a marketing tool like me…

…and it’s also one of those items you should
think about picking up now even if you don’t need
it just yet.

You can read more about it below:

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