Why I bought IMSC Rapid Mailer

imscYou’re going to get SHEDLOADS of emails about the product below…

…So I thought I’d tell you why I bought it.


It’s quite simple…

My lists are tied to Aweber and Getresponse.

If (like what happened last month) these two services stop working, then my business is in serious difficulty.

They were down for just a couple of days but it still meant that I lost quite a bit of money because I couldn’t mail out

(I cross promote between my various lists so do multiple mailings daily)

Likewise if they decide to ban your account for some reason

You might think this may never happen to you, but I personally know quite a few people who HAVE had their lists pulled, or even LOST and there’s NOTHING they can do about it

So I bought this:


It’s a new, simple plugin that allows you to mail out without having to pay for Aweber, Getresponse or any of those other services…

Personally I can’t afford NOT to have this in my marketing arsenal so I can keep my email list safe

It’s at a special offer price at the moment, but it’s going to go up.

This plugin has generated over $140,000 worth of sales already because people are realising how valuable it is

I’ve bought it, and if you’re remotely interested in building a list, want to protect the one you already have OR can’t afford the fees of Aweber, Getresponse and the other autoresponder services…

…then check this out at the link below:


P.S You might wonder why I mentioned this in a blog post rather than just mail out usual?

Well because in an email I’d be promoting an alternative to Aweber.

Do they actually check our emails?

Would they get angry and freeze my account?

Probably not…but the fact that it occurred to me is quite telling I think…

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One response to “Why I bought IMSC Rapid Mailer

  1. John Reed

    Thanks Tony, I also bought it as I was really annoyed at myself for having an Aweber Account for about 5 or 6 years yet not earning a thing with it.
    I cancelled and decided to try this route first.
    However, I’d since somehow lost my emails confirming both my purchase and my access to it – incredibly remiss of me – don’t know how I did it – but found a login to it in my Roboform!
    However, when I googled imsc just now it took me to your post!!
    So thanks for the re-assurance, and I’ll add it in your FB Group as soon as I HAVE actually used it!

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