Something I’ve noticed about why some newbie WSO’s are successful and some aren’t

hyenaI read in the news (yep fully documented) about an African man who let a hyena chew off his genitals because his local shaman had said that was a sure fire way of becoming magically wealthy…

Sort of leaves you speechless eh?

But you have to admire his dedication – he certainly has balls.

Well he did anyway

And it got me to thinking…

No matter how much determination you have, if the information you’re working with is fundamentally flawed, you’re not going to get to where you want to be

One of the skills I find really useful in internet marketing is the ability to stand back from the seething mass of information and have a good old poke round with my objectivity stick from a respectable distance.

There are mixed messages all over the place.

People asking advice on the Warrior Forum about how to make their first $100…and at the same time they’re selling a ‘how to make six figures a year’ information course.

One of my personal favourites was a new but very flash marketer who turned up to an event I was attending in a very expensive car…which was complete with hire car stickers and ‘do not smoke’ signs in the back.

He was soon sussed out and seems to have faded into obscurity.

In case you’re wondering I turned up in a 10 year old 4×4 with a wheelbarrow full of horse manure in the back that was meant for the garden. A lazy oversight not an intentional statement, although I was secretly happy when a few people commented on it LOL

I suppose that’s just as much of a brand too. but at least I owned the bloody car.

So standing back and operating the time-proven ‘don’t do what they say, do what they DO’ approach has always worked for me.

And lately I’ve been taking my focus away from WHAT they’re selling, and looking at the infrastructure of HOW they’re selling it.

And this is what I’ve found.

The most successful recent launches by newbies have had certain things in common…

(We’re talking newcomer marketers here not established ones OK?)

…and the traits that the successful ones all share is that they DON’T try to know both of the major aspects to launching a successful product.

In case you were wondering, the two main things are:

1. Being an expert on the product or service you’re selling

2. Being an expert in setting up and running the sales machine itself.

Not many marketers are experts in both when they are starting out, so invariably most of them fail.


What I’ve noticed lately is that new savvy marketers are starting to realise this and they’re outsourcing the part where they’re weakest.

So if you’ve stumbled on a cracking new Facebook marketing method that has brought you $12,000 in the past 30 days DON’T try to turn yourself into an expert in building websites, writing sales copy or setting up a membership site – just outsource those tasks ASAP

Likewise if you’re a techy or design whiz who can build a great looking site, install Wishlist and having it running as smoothly as an Italian in an oil slick…then outsource the actual product. Get it ghost-written or whatever.

Why’d you think so many plumbers or hairdressers come straight out of college, set up businesses and fail miserably within six months?

Because they know plumbing or hairdressing NOT selling.

You need help.

I need help.

We ALL need help.

You can only do the stuff you’re good at well. The other stuff – hire someone who can do it well FOR you.

Otherwise you get bogged down with trying to learn stuff you’re NOT good at while letting your real talents go to waste.

…and if all else fails, you can let a wild animal chew on your knackers to see if that brings any money in.

Let me know how you get on 🙂

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5 responses to “Something I’ve noticed about why some newbie WSO’s are successful and some aren’t

  1. <>

    Does the advice apply to female marketers too? They don’t have knackers, you know. Many of them don’t even have knickers!

  2. Tony Shepherd

    All my stuff applies to female marketers, it’s just that I write it from a bloke’s point of view. Couldn’t comment on the knicker status of the female marketers I’ve met but I’m bloody sure some of them DO have knackers…even if they’re not their own 🙂


  3. Davis Lex

    Hey Tony! Haha what an awesome post man!

    I couldn’t believe that someone would actually let their genitals get chewed off to get rich! After reading that article, I start to wonder the kind of other things people are willing to do to get rich…One thing is for sure, I’d rather keep my manhood over getting rich o.o

    And you’re 100% spot on that we MUST outsource parts of our business.

  4. Tony Shepherd

    Couldn’t agree more Davis 🙂

    If you’ve not yet seen Davis’ cracking new WSO you can check it out HERE

  5. Dan

    Great post Tony. I’m a struggling newbie IMer and I couldn’t agree more about outsourcing the weak areas of a business. Better than letting a Hyena chew off the family jewels.
    BTW my website goes to my Instant Payday Network affiliate capture page, not trying to be slick, but this is the only domain I have active at the moment. If this is in bad taste, I’ll not include it in any of my future posts.
    Cheers M8,

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