Using tricks in the IM niche? On other marketers? Are You MAD?

man-with-suit-04I love IM tricks and tips…

…techniques and manipulations.

I like the cleverness of them, the ingenuity and the inventiveness of them.

But you can’t build a business on them

If you’re providing crap products to your customers and using tricks to get them to buy you’re not gonna be around in a year’s time

If you’re using page-blocking popups, forced continuity, systems that don’t let your customers get to the product they’ve just bought from you without opting into your list or anything like that…

…then it’s gonna bug your customer, it’s bloody hard work for you and it doesn’t work that well either

I’m fine with upsells and OTO’s and stuff that helps me market my products. You only need to look at how Amazon’s sales process works to see how effective they can be without being too annoying

But too many marketers are ALL about the tricks.

You can only trick someone into buying crap one time. After that they’re gone and they’re not coming back in a hurry.

All the fancy scripts, pre-filled fields, cookie-stuffed links, and ‘forced’ action plugins aren’t going to work for long if your products or the products you recommend are crap.

It’s easy to fall into the slime-pit of thinking that these tricks are a business model in their own right.

But they’re not. They’re just tools.

I’ll take a good lead aquisition strategies, good products and good communication over cunning code or sneaky scripts any day…

…and only someone with serious intellectual challenges is going to base their internet marketing business around tricks and manipulation.

Because the problem with selling to internet marketers is that they’re in the game too.

They KNOW the tricks because they use them.

You really think that forcing the marketer who’s just bought your product to sign up for your buyer’s list BEFORE he gets access to the product he’s just paid for is going to buy you sexy knickers for Christmas?

No chance. He KNOWS what you’re doing.

He’s already halfway to hating you even though he uses the same trick himself.

Likewise when you offer a free report on your squeeze page but instead you just send your new subscriber to a sales page, because there IS no report…

…you think he’ll stay on your list for long, let along buy anything from you?

And if he DOES stay on your list for any length of time it’ll only be so he can call you a wanker every time you send out a broadcast

He knows the tricks himself. He knows he’s been shafted because he’s IN THE GAME.

How do I know? Because I TRY STUFF myself and I’ve tried quite a few of these tricks and twiddles at one time or another. I’m no saint and I’m not judging anyone – I’m just saying that it doesn’t work long term and especially not in the IM niche because people are too clued up (and cynical)

So I’ve found that the sneakiest niche on Earth (internet marketing) is the BEST one to  use straight arrow selling techniques.

Good honest sales pages, good communicative videos, and solid products.

Because they work, and you’ll sell more stuff, especially to jaded marketers who find honesty is a breath of fresh air. They’ll see you aren’t pulling any (many) tricks and they won’t feel as though you’ve shat in their shoe as they go through your sales funnel.

Keep it clean, especially in the IM niche where most marketers know all the tricks that you do and maybe more and you’ll quickly rise to the top of the heap, sales, rep and everything.

Why doesn’t everyone do this?

Luckily an awful lot of marketers are focused on the tricks and the manipulations and only ever compete in that way, so the field is  wide open for nice people like us to reap the rewards 🙂

Still, let’s not feel too noble about it, let’s just keep quiet about it and make more dosh eh?

Comments welcome as always…

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2 responses to “Using tricks in the IM niche? On other marketers? Are You MAD?

  1. I could not agree with you more. Your comment about feeling as if I had shat my shoe as I go through a trap door laden ‘funnel’ (money sucking chute) really gave me a grim satisfaction that I was not the only one who feels this way.
    Honest marketers few and far between. It’s a small club which is why I did a recent mass unsubscribe!

  2. Tony Shepherd

    You’re absolutely right Darryl and the weird thing is, using these tricks is SO much harder in the IM niche but that’s where most people use them


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