Creating income streams by outsourcing WSO ‘blueprints’ and ‘step by step’ guides

tonysmallHere’s a breakdown of why you SHOULD buy every shiny new WSO (as long as it’s a blueprint or ‘step by step’ guide) as possible

This is how I rack up income streams…

1. Find a WSO that provides step-by-step, over the shoulder instructions. Can be in PDF, video or whatever else format. If it says ‘newbie friendly’ even better πŸ™‚

CLICK HERE for an example of the sort of thing I mean – you can see the words ‘blueprint’ ‘over the shoulder’ and ‘step by step’ in the first few paragraphs! (opens in new window)

2. Have a skim through and see what it entails. It’s usually ‘grunt’ work involving article marketing, creating short videos, finding CPA campaigns or whatever and can be easily outsourced

3. Hand it over to your outsourced workers or advertise the job on Odesk. You only need a brief description. DO NOT INVEST ANY MORE TIME IN THIS THAN NECESSARY – just get it out there.

4. Tell your outsourcer to get back to you with any questions. They will, and it’ll be things like ‘I need a YouTube account to use’ or ‘I need a valid CPA account (eg MaxBounty) to use in this method’

5. Tell them to do it themselves as much as possible, keeping you in the loop daily. You will need to fund any paid accounts required but apart from that delegate as much as poss, only getting involved when absolutely necessary.

If new email accounts are needed, hosting accounts or whatever, get your worker to open them.

You may need to provide verification or phone numbers or whatever but from experience I find that an experienced outsourcer can do everything that YOU can and more

Sounds too simplistic?

Who said IM had to be difficult?

Let’s be blunt – probably the ONLY reason that you’re not earning 5 figs a month right now is that you couldn’t be arsed putting in the required work right?

Consider any ‘how to’ method that is proven.

You buy the method, you LIKE the method but then you just can’t be bothered to put the work in

There’s no shame in that, it’s just a weakness in your personality. I have EXACTLY the same one.

So I find ways to compensate for my own flaws.

And outsourcing blueprints and step by step WSO’s is one of the ways that works for me.

Listen guys – my job is to get you thinking about your IM biz in a different way…

…and recognising that you aren’t like Mr Perfectly-Slick Guru is important.

So you need to find workarounds – and if you hand the whole WSO over to an outsource worker and instruct them to set up, follow and operate the model, reporting back daily, then all YOU have to do is answer some emails about technicalities and watch the results

Your job is then to do exactly what you’re told NOT to do – you trawl the Warrior Forum looking for a nice step-by-step blueprint to make money from…

…except you’re not playing by the same rules as most of the other wannabees out there – you’re going to bypass the ‘can’t be arsed’ phase and outsource it.

It’s all about attitude and how you approach things, and I reckon IΒ can give you a hand with that if you want it.

Comments / questions welcome as usual

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9 responses to “Creating income streams by outsourcing WSO ‘blueprints’ and ‘step by step’ guides

  1. James

    Hi Tony,
    Ok so to do this would you pay your outsourcer daily per 8 hours or hourly ? Your outsourcer would have to be on the smartish side.. So how much do you pay an outsourcer who`s good enough to work on WSOs (being as there`s a fair amount that arnt actually that good) how much per day to do the work `or` how much per hour what do you personally feel is the right amount ?
    Thanks James

  2. Tony Shepherd

    Hi James
    Obviously the amount of work done daily would depend totally on the WSO you were outsourcing, but as a rule of thumb you would pay $8 an hour for a VERY smart (VA level) worker. For WSO’s I usually hire someone at this rate to do any ‘smart’ stuff such as writing etc and someone at $4 to do the ‘grunt’ work. I hire them daily through Odesk and would assign more than one WSO to them

    Hope this helps


  3. James

    Hi Tony,
    Do I have to keep opening up a new comment to reply ?

    Anyway yes that helps as this has been something I`ve ALWAYS thought about doing but never got round to it because I`ve always figured that the worker would just end up doing it for himself although I understand the CPA might be difficult for them living in Asia, guess this is a mistake I`ve made.
    Could you show me a worker on Odesk you`ve hired before or that you would hire so I can see the sort of worker and his abilitys listed you`d go for.. would it be possible for you to send a link to a worker ?? That would be awesome if not no worries.

  4. Tony Shepherd

    Hi James
    I could give you a link to an Odesk worker but you’d be missing the point if I did. You’ll learn by making your own decisions, trusting your instincts and making your own mistakes. The whole point of what I teach is to start relying on yourself and being self-sufficient. I know it feels weird if you haven’t done it before but neither had I. Everyone has a first time so jump in, look at the available info and make your own choice
    You’ll be fine mate πŸ™‚


  5. Hi Tony

    I remember reading about this in one of your newsletters some time ago and thought what a good idea it was for saving time. I remember you saying at the time that it worked 50% of the time (i.e. half the methods came out successful. I have real problems handing anything over to people but dont mind new methods … Its just my writing I dont want them to get my hands on lol

    How much do you have to cough up on average for this to prove profitable ?? (Including the duds)



  6. Hi Tony,
    Very cool idea. In my experience with all of the WSOs i’ve bought, i’d say probably 95% of them required some kind of additional testing/tweaking/secret sauce in addition to any blueprint they provide…it’s been rare that a WSO blueprint has produced the exact same or similar results that the creator had without additional testing/tweaking/analysis (for me at least).

    How do you account for this with the outsourcer? Do they also handle split testing/tweaking/general business decisions about this as well?

    I guess i’d be worried to pay the outsourcer to implement a blueprint only to find out the project is a flop because it requires more than what the WSO had in it (usually a keen eye & analytic decision making).

    How do you ensure your outsourcers only work on WSOs that will actually product positive results?


  7. Tony Shepherd

    HI Carl

    That’s a toughie because it depends totally on the WSO blueprint. I try not spend more than $100 – $200 if poss


  8. Tony Shepherd

    Hi Mike

    I submit them to the outsourcer first of all with very little additional info and tell them to come back to me with any problems or questions. I then take it from there and tweak if necessary.

    As for what the outsourcer actually does – if it’s in the blueprint they usually do it

    And finally, you say that you’d be worried to pay an outsourcer in case it was a flop? That’s what business is about. There IS risk involved, but it’s a lot less than if you were spending $500,000 to open a bar or launch a car hire business. πŸ™‚

    Thanks for posting mate


  9. Once again, you are absolutely brilliant Tony. I love this idea. Makes total sense. I’m lucky to have a 16 & 17 yr old “outsourcer” here at home to test things with. lol.

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